Karen Olsen Ramsey, Area Manager- Jewelry

530-477-1355  karen@artjeweler.com
Karen Olsen Ramsey, artjeweler and Karen Olsen Ramsey, custom ring artist on Facebook; http://www.artjeweler.com

Tuesday Evenings 6Pm to 9Pm we will cover anything relating to metal fabrication

The Jewelry lab at The Curious Forge is a great place to come and play with metal techniques and stones. Fully equipped with 12 work stations and all hand tools, oxy/propane torches, rolling mill, bench shear, drill press, grinders, punches and more, the lab is available to members to learn and make the jewelry creations of their dreams. Stop in on any Tuesday evening and experience our Open Studio, attended by Karen Olsen Ramsey, and her assistant, Angie Van Valkenburg. Quarterly classes are offered to the public teaching basic fabrication techniques, cold connecting, chasing and repousse, enameling, casting, and more. Check out the calendar for scheduled classes.

Yvon Dockter, Area Manager- Ceramics

530-559-5543, ynotdoc@aol.com

Yvon Dockter, Ceramic and Metal Artist

Mondays from 3pm to 7pm for Clay Play for Members

Yvon has been a beloved and well known local artist for over 25 years. Come share her passion for making and for collaborating, a generous spirit, she loves to see people get their Make On!

Liam Ellerby, Area Manager- Metal

530-210-6040, picknpray@yahoo.com

Liam is the co-founder of the Curious Forge and is known for being “loose” with all kinds of materials and will generally learn anything once. Aesthetically appealing, utilitarian and weirdly functional assemblage pieces are his main interest. Metal was his first love and the first cut is the deepest

Metal Fabioloso every Tuesday for Members from 6pm to 9pm. First Tuesday of every month is a Metal Arts Meetup group for the public as well, where discussions and demos around all kinds of metal fabrication take place. Contact Liam with questions.

Metal is a versatile material, used to build skyscrapers as well as windshield scrapers. It is a material that allows precision and elegance or brute strength and bulk. The equipment used to form and fabricate reflect the material in their extremes of shear strength, speed of spin and extreme heat. We have tried to create a fabrication workshop that has the essential equipment to manipulate the material in as many ways as possible given our space limitations. We want to invite you start your journey into mastering the materials and equipment to enable you to create forms of unusual complexity, function and aesthetics.

In process, Area Manager- Woodworking

contact spark@thecuriousforge.org

We have a full wood shop and it’s ready to rock and roll for you!

See certification page to pay for certification, until this spot is filled contact spark@thecuriousforge.org for certification

Everything wood: tablesaw, bandsaw, planer, jointer, routers, sanders, lathe, etc.

Ron Moreland, Area Manager- CNC equipment

530-277-4522, ronmoreland@att.net

Ron, a retired engineer who worked for Pixar, has been with the Forge from very close to the beginning.

Thursday evenings from roughly 5pm to 9pm (sometimes earlier due to weather!). Also Saturday afternoons.

Our growing list of CNC equipment (3D printers, CNC Laser Cutter, CNC Mill and sooooon, a CNC Router) is overseen by Ron, he loves the stuff and loves helping you learn how to use them.

We have an amazing collection of mixed-media art supplies for our members.

Judy is in on Thursday from 3pm- 7pm.

Judy started making cards in 2001 when a good friend of hers was starting up a Stampin Up business.  She immediately liked it and never stopped making cards, eventually running out of room in her home and was able to start the new Mixed – Media Arts area at The Curious Forge.  This area is ever expanding into all aspects of Mixed Media Arts such as Painting, Miniatures, Wire Sculptures and more.  Check out the calendar for classes.

Judy Kell, Area Manager- Mixed-Media Arts



Rick Sanger, Area Manager- Electronics

nerd@shirobliss.com 530-559-8171

Rick has been a tinkerer since before the pocket calculator.  Taking an interest in electronics, he gave a presentation to his 7th grade class on how a transistor works… won sweepstakes at the local science fair and programmed one of the first “paint” programs way back when computers only had 8 cylinders, and you could see them all.  Since then effort, he’s hiked 8000 miles in the Sierras as a backcountry ranger (yes, ranger rick), written children’s books and programmed manufacturing automation. He invites you to come by and share your story

Wednesday evenings roughly 5pm to 9pm.

Rick also leads the meetup – Nerd Night at the Forge, open to the public! 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Naima Pagano Area Manager – Textiles

Naima is in the Textile shop on Thursdays from 11am to 3pm

My approach to sewing is rather unconventional. Instead of following patterns and instructions, I learned by improvising and started to create new styles while I was figuring out how to use the machines. After a few years of designing and creating, I went to school to learn the ‘norms’ of fashion. My approach is a blend of conventional techniques and untraditional fashion. My main interest falls in the movement of sustainable fashion by upcycling outdated clothes, reshaping and transforming them into one-of-a-kind wearable art.

During my classes I want to give the students the techniques that support their creativity and allow them to make their own dream projects.

Monty Clark – Glass

916-698-2323 monty@dichroicinc.com

The Glass Workspace is a new addition to the Curious Forge. Monty is a retired Art Professor who worked for 35 years at American River College. He instructed classes in Small Metal Arts, Ceramics and Drawing and 2-D /3-D Design. Monty started working with stone cutting and jewelry making as an eleven year old in the late 50’s, and many years later as a professional student, received a Master’s of Art Degree in Sculpture with an emphasis in Jewelry.

Glass curious?  Monty is in the lab on Wednesdays from 5pm to 9pm

Monty is interested in ideas from any point of view and assists others to learn the techniques and concepts need to translate the idea into a 3-D form. Monty began working with hot glass in 1991 and fell into total submission to this beautiful color transmitting and exotic material.

Craig Rohrsen – Shop Steward

530-305-8653 crohrsen@att.net

One of our PT staff, Craig oversees our space and other volunteers to keep the Forge ship-shape!

Craig is a retired Manufacturing Engineer/Software Programmer.  He used LabView software to create programs for production automation.  Now working part time as the Shop Steward for the Curious Forge.  I work to provide a safe environment, install and maintain equipment and make repairs as needed for the Space Stewards and Forge members.

I have been a maker since I was a kid.  The Forge is a catalyst for creativity.  Finally a large space where ideas, talent and tools come together!