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Equipment Certifications

Equipment Orientation is a way for us to insure everyone is safe and the equipment continues to operate and lasts as long as possible. AT THIS TIME THIS IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY. Thanks

Please remember, you are responsible to

  • Your own safety as well as anyone else in space
  • Inspect the equipment before every use
  • Use the proper personal protection gear
  • Read and adhere to the manufacturers guidelines
  • Notify area manager if something is wrong

Please insure you perform all the steps to get oriented on the equipment you need to get your project done. Scroll down for payment options. PLEASE NOTE: our Forge certifications require that you are considered certified according to Forge standards! These may be more robust than you consider necessary, but in our efforts to keep everyone safe, they must be adhered to. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Steps to getting Orientated on equipment

  1. Identify the equipment and area you wish to be orientated on
  2. check the schedule of fees for getting oriented, pay  fee, and print out reciept
  3. perform  Certification Materials checklist ( see links in side panel ) on requested pieces of equipment
  4. Notify area manager of request (MUST notify beforehand, not a drop in situation) and arrive promptly to regularly scheduled times (if not on calendar, contact certifier, listed on right)
  5. Show up prepared with payment receipt, orientation checklist completed, and quiz printout ( if required )

Equipment orientation fees are to help compensate volunteers for preparing materials, lending their expertise and spending their make time insuring everyone is safe and the equipment stays operational

Find the area you are getting certified in (MIG/fluxcore welding and Oxy/Acetylene require a regular workshop): ANY FAST TRACK CERTIFICATION - Only pick this option if you feel you could successfully complete a rigorous quiz about the area you are interested in

Jewelry I – plus bring $25 matl fee (for I and II) - Hand tools, Punches, Pickle, Bench, Tool Drawers $40
Jewelry II – Torch, Rolling Mill, Bench shear, Flex Shaft tool, Polishing machine, grinder, drill press $40
Ceramics- Wheels, Extruder, Slab roller $20
Metal I-Band Saws, Angle grinder, Drill Press, Cutoff saw, Plasma Torch, electric shear, nibbler, slip roller $80
Woodworking- Table Saw, Drill Press, Planer, Router $80
CNC Laser Cutter $20
Electronics $20 - soldering, test equipment
3D Printer $20
Sewing I - straight stitch home machines $40
Sewing II - industrial machines and overlock $40
Lapidary $30 -pending, contact about lapidary
Wood Lathe requires class ($80 + $25 materials or $105)
Glass Lab $60 plus bring $15 matl fee

Certification Materials

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