What Kara’s Up To

Hey all, Kara here….
Following on Valerie’s request to know what’s up…here are my projects, current and to get around to!

I’m working on a granite and metal table, you’ve probably seen the legs walking around for a while now, the top has been a puzzle of learning how to cut granite, figure out an extension I want to do and then performing said tasks well enough for it to work. Wish me luck!

I also have some great parts for what could be a jellyfish lamp – another puzzle. That’s one reason I love making in the forge, I give myself these projects that I don’t know how to do and then figure out (with alot of help from everyone!) how to do them. I’ve also got this amazing granite piece I want to make a side cupboard of sorts- maybe! That project may morph I’m sure. And I have a art project for my house, a screen made up of many nuts, bolts, panels, rebar and whatever odd sorts of metal shapes I either have or will scrounge. Time for the house to be the art project!

In the meanwhile as well, here are some paintings I’ve been doing.. painting and making, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss:

daffodilsinthefoothills       storm       dreams-float-up-thru-this1

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