Shamancycle – The Stage is Set

Uh, the stage is built! Loads of progress this weekend. Finished grinding on and welding in the final three seat posts. Added some vertical posts topped with angle iron for the stage. Added side supports for the driver area, and got a good start on the u-joint and support for the steering. Glenn joined in on the fun and got in some good welds today. I spent part of Saturday using Nik’s lathe to cut an adapter between the rear axle spline and the 3/4″ drive shaft. That’s what the lower left image is.27MayUpdatePhoto

Adventures with a Bandsaw and Mill

Today’s adventures included purchasing a new bandsaw blade and installing it. With a bit of adjusting and fiddling with various nuts and bolts I ventured to test it out. Success! The bandsaw now cuts cleanly and most importantly, squarely. A clean, quiet, smooth operation. Nice.

Over the past few days stuff has arrived for the Rong Fu mill. By the way, they are still available new, hopefully with a better written user guide. We now have a set of clamps, a magnetic base for a new dial indicator. Woo Hoo, we can attach stuff to the mill, clamp it down, measure whether it is square to the intended cut. Delicate things, dial indicators, so if you don’t know how to use one, ask someone who does.

We still need some R8 collets so we can more accurately hold end mills and drills, so if anyone has a lead or knows someone with a stash of R8 collets (they fit Bridgeport mills) let me or someone on the Infrastructure work group know. V-blocks are the next thing on the list needed for accurate milling of round objects along with some actual milling tools, like end mills and face mills.

Maker Faire

Liam, Allison (another one), Steve, and I attended the Maker Faire in San Mateo on Sunday. Hard pressed to describe it all in less than a thousand words. I was drawn to the big mechanical and bicycle stuff of course. (Jeff)IMGP4325

Shamancycle has a seat for you!

A Seat is Available! A seat is empty, waiting for you! Steve providing a Backdrop to see the seat! Therese grinding away on the Shamancycle  We made some good progress this week. Six bicycles gave up their vital organs for the Shamancycle. Therese came by to help out with the Shamancycle and learned to cut, grind, and blend with a reciprocating saw, cutoff saw, and angle grinder with a several different disks on it. We then assembled and welded one of the seat posts to the Shamancycle to test it out. More grinding and welding ahead! (Jeff)

Milling machine

Renewed milling machine!

Renewed milling machine!

Our renewed milling machine. It’s first real job will be on the driveshaft for theShamancycle!