Kathy Cutting Out a Clapper

Kathy is finishing up her doorbell and needed to cut off the remnants of the clapper chain on the inside. Difficult to access hard to see, and hard to cut off even with the small pneumatic cut-off saw. She persisted and got it cut out!


Valerie Grinding Away


Valerie grinding on a metal box in a Phoebe approved costume. (Jeff)

Steering Wheel is Set on the Shamancycle!

Steve and I spent some (lots actually) quality time mucking about with the Shamancycle this weekend. The bench seat from the London double decker bus has supports and is in place. Adjustments can be made on the seating location!. The steering wheel is now mounted to a crank from a donor bicycle, and a support is now in place for the brake pedal! Some minor corrections are needed now that the Shamancycle has been lowered to the ground as the suspension settled. The steering wheel looks great and feels great and is awesome in place. (Jeff)


Guilia is getting Framed!

IMGP5182Giulia making at the Forge. (Jeff)

Seat Set up on Shamancycle

Made some changes tonight! Cut out the front side supports to fit in the driver seat. It’s from a British double decker bus no less! Just trying it out. Forgot to set it the camera to autofocus though. (Jeff)