Shamancycle Drivetrain

IMGP6250The drivetrain on the Shamancycle has gone through some engineering improvements. Here is what it originally looked like.

Note that the chain on the right in this view puts the tension of the chain directly onto the pulley, and that isn’t good for the long run.  John came up with a far better method. Thanks for not only the idea, but for taking it on and building the components, and to Sharon for the assist as well. He developed a vertical post with an adjustable shaft attachment. Unlike the Kosmic Dust Pedal Pub, the Shamancycle doesn’t have a cross member above the chains to attach anything to.


On the other side, the figure eight chains had some problems as well. One chain was made from chains that were wider than the others, which complicated the passing of the chains as it was resisting the sideways movement needed. I changed it to a different chain.

Liam has seen other figure eight chains use a PVC pipe to allow the chains to not hang up on each other. I visited ReStore (love that place, it’s like my garage, but larger!) to obtain some PVC and other stuff. I obtained some T’s and a length of metal pipe and ended up with this arrangement. This allowed the pulleys to not have to make such a large transition.
IMGP6290IMGP6285Together these two changes to the drivetrain have made a great improvement and they seem much more solid and reliable. Time to make a test run!

For the next test run, we need to fill up the seats. It’s difficult to pedal and steer at the same time. (Jeff)


Our New Space!

Well, this post is late, but finally you can see our new space. It’s on Loma Rica Drive on the left just up from the ReStore which is on the right.


Rebar Rita is there to greet you to the location.



Inside you will find a real office space with a display area for member art.



Head left you will find a room for electronics or other cleaner arts.


And next to that is our sewing room!


And all three of these room have air conditioning, woo hoo!

Head right from the office and you’ll come into the open ceiling (for now) clay space, so nice it takes two images to do it justice.

IMGP6315 IMGP6316

On top of those rooms is storage for bike parts, the Soap Box Derby vehicle, and other potentially useful stuff.


Here is our metal working area.


We have space for a woodworking area as well, just not a picture at the moment.

The Shamancycle is in the space and work is proceeding! (Jeff)