Board Meeting Notes – June 1, 2016

May 5/2/16 Board meeting notes

1.         Status reports

2.         Kara – Announcement

September Kara stepping down and off board effective September.

Post meeting discussion about continuity of Board as current members step down. Need to retain the essence of Board through subsequent Board members.

Jeff note to Kara – We had an action item in previous Board. Don’t recall results of that item.Bob Davis has expressed interest in joining the board. Can we put this on our agenda (from Liam)”

3.         Action item follow up

a.         Legality of audio: Kara – done. It is illegal without consent

New signs up and new waiver form ready to go, however see item 7 below for expanded stuff for waiver.

b.         Karen/Ron: potential policy for working with younger members

Karen and Ron – younger members policy

Ron & Karen – 13 year old previously mentioned Garik (sp?)

Ron offered to be mentor, and do for a month then assess interest and

should have policy

set up as experiment

need to be inclusive of other

have a policy for number of them

Kara proposal, one for now, up for review, then determine if continue and expand

formalize this

through board, what areas, skills, times, equipment, during workshops, ages, paying, etc.

restrictions on space utilization

mentor limits

institutional thinking

can other do, in other areas?

want to offer

making a container for this stuff

fee, scholarship

Karen – full paying,

get together mentor, parent, child

and waiver


Kara – discount $45 as not have

AI: K & K develop policy

c.         Inventories: Status? This has been due since Feb. Let’s try to complete this action item by Mid May (electronics, clay, jewelry, metal)

Really need to get Inventory done, however we only currently have info for the wood area.

AI: not specified nor discussed, but AMs should be notified and encourage to complete their inventory

4.         Liam: RFID – merged with 5.

5.         Liam: Negotiations with Duane (landlord)

Ron & Liam identified RFID system that works with existing door allowing existing key for landlord to access site

next door space may be available to lease/rent 1500 square feet at same or similar rate

month to month for other space like we are doing now

hold off pursuing long term lease, until we see what Duane says about site changes

Contemplating long term lease in exchange for infrastructure changes on Duane’s dime

have been month to month with current space

long term lease makes it harder to move

How much site change is acceptable for month to month lease?

Thoughts of what to do include swamp coolers, add windows, cap ceramic, open between spaces

AI: Liam to price swamp coolers, in two weeks, 16th May, to then approach Duane about space and what we can and cannot do structurally.

Jeff note – It would be much more energy efficient to place swamp coolers on North side (cooler there) then venting out South side (roll-up door and window and additional windows?).

AI: Liam to show interest in space to Duane

6.         All: Subcommittee to work on reconfigure of space for sewing/electronic space improvement

Didn’t really discuss this much. Notes kind of scattered throughout other items.

6.1      Sierra College Meeting

Meeting with Sierra College June 22nd Meeting at the Forge location. Time?

Sierra College hinted at diminishing support, rent, equipment, infrastructure. They got $30k from city of Rocklin for stuff.

Several folks from Sierra College will be there. Names were named, but I didn’t’ catch them.

Need to nail down what we want, and what we are willing to trade for their participation.

Sierra College members still pay for certifications so as to not drain our resources for certs.

When we had no cert fees, costs were absorbed by Forge.

Discounts for Sierra College students results in low fees, but cost to cert retained.

We need to draft a position paper for the meeting including membership subsidies.

We need to be ready with something.

AI: Michael & ??? to work on this (Kara or Liam maybe)

7.         All: Discuss: re changing door code to get folks to sign new waiver and see member PowerPoint and/or at end of students time

We have new waiver and all members need to see new orientation PPT.

New member orientation want everyone to watch it and sign form.

Pitch as a policy change with door code change, and need to add to Forge info emergency contact info

Photo of each member

Print out certification to be reviewed by member for accuracy

Ask about having member meeting, do at launch of autopay. Little participation on 3rd Thursdays.

Legal audio policy, people need to opt in, new waiver and new signs.

Need all members to sign.

Per Karen, no one has had a problem with waiver so far

Add to the Survey – about member meeting, frequency, length

AI: Kara roll out update to presentation in a couple weeks, May 16th or so

AI: Karen to add to orientation, members not give out to other members, if ask for code, to Board member

AI: Karen. Have a member who didn’t get oriented but got certified, Karen to contact AM’s not use equipment until orientated, Mike Craig

AI: Liam to call him

7.1 New Agenda Item on Certification

Need to publicize certification policy per member join date

Let members know there is a deadline for free certs via advertising internally

Welding cert only via workshops

Institute fast track certs for folks already skilled, but need to demonstrate such

Need to formally incorporate this

First time use someone inexperienced use just-certified equipment, need to do it with AM present

Rocklin makerspace has- 2 x 5 hours class, plus take home, plus make something from take home

Forge needs to treat plasma, table saw, laser, TIG, Oxy/Acetylene, or Oxy/Propane, MIG differently

Change cert list for the above items

New calendar looks good per Liam and deals with Certification payments well.

AI: Certification Subcommittee, Liam, Kara, Area Manager can help

AI: Liam to put it out to AMs for Cert

Due May 9th

deal with certs and levels and sublevels

AI: Liam to talk to find someone, offer internship, talk to Sierra College

Move towards internship with time limit, instead of paid membership

“Free” has a cost of other members to feed interns

resulting in a database

AI: ??? internship needs to be defined

Put something up at Open House looking for intern

AI: Liam May 16th

DB that integrates with Word Press and Quick Books

MySQL is what Word Press uses

8.         Michael: Skype @ Forge, use it as an emergency phone Michael to do a demo at the Forge

Demo of Skype done for Board members. Detailed instructions needed.

9.         Corisa: Share survey results

Rough notes, Corisa should provide copies to Board at some point

17 responses out of 55 members total members!

gender 50/50

age 55-64 primarily, few on each side

even split single married

spouse? even split

kids – most out of home, just a couple with young ones

under 18, only 4 yes

google did nice graphs, but not

lower income a few

education – most college, a few beyond

employment – most self-employed, quite a few retired or out of work 50%

retired 25%

survey was anonymous

include as part of code change & PPT stuff??

how improve – safety, cleanup, organize, more tools

CNC mill, material store to sell

name badges

warmer building, join other clubs

clutter and cleanup a big theme

workshops want offered, welding blacksmith, sewing, bike, robotics, clothes

all over the map

challenge to not make – board work, summer heat, certs, lack of space

cold and cluttered

reasons join – lots

other hobbies and interests –

share – 75% yes

private studio – 3 said yes

workspace – 12 yes

newsletter – 3 often, 1 sometimes

better share info – most no, interactive website, posted at Forge

social media – most FB, some none

Corisa thinks we should do Instagram

If any additional Qs to ask, to Corisa

AI: Corisa to send out request for more input for survey

10.      All: Policy for offering a break on sign up fees (re: Ron’s friend), split amount over 2 months?

Treat on a case by case basis.

Offering a discount by splitting fees

Not advertise, treat only case by case via Request to Board.

AI: Kara to get back to Ron

11.      Kara: Need for volunteers for specific duties

Trash, bathrooms, etc.

cleanup – volunteer

Space Monitor or volunteer trade for

Task list and rotation scheduled

AI: ???

12.      Corisa/Liam: Fundraiser/video

Videographer good, lots of footage taken. Will be back on Open House night

13.      All: Subcommittee needed to prepare for center for the arts/sign ups

AI: Kara – setting meeting for Center of the Arts stuff

14.      Michael: Financial report

Handout of financial projection

Meeting Amy tomorrow

Did talk about if two months late, must go on autopay?

Should talk to scofflaws personally

new members tell going to autopay, June 30

AI: Inform members of this via PPT

So far profit of $1500

Survey, rent, picture, DB, waiver, etc.

We don’t have positive control of funds, some coming in without adequate info (bad handwriting)

15.      All: New business

Some new items added above inline.

16.      All: Set next meeting date (post meeting)

June 1st Wednesday 6:00 @ Michael’s. 605 Redbud Way, Nevada City , Ca 95959

17.      Other

Liam – Would like to recognize member of the month

Ron nominated, would like to recognize some way.


Add Maker in Residence – have policy already

provides 3 months of stuff to Forge for workshops, mentoring, etc.

AI: Liam send out policy to Board Forge


Becky wants to do glass, slumping, fusing, stain,

Board OK for her to use sewing space

leave Susan space for sewing however


Liam to send Decision making models for non-profits out to Board, roles people can have in process

apply to other folks within Forge AMs, etc.


Liam’s goal for the Forge now is depth

18.      Garbage and Stuff Discussion post meeting

AI: person not specified. Someone to check with Pro-Glass about merging our garbage with theirs

or how much $ to include our trash

Potential to use trash bin space to store our trash and recycle for later self-disposal

High desire to get the pile of stuff fronting personal bins out of the space


Stuff on Agenda that we didn’t get to

Decisions to share with full board:

Decision to pay back past debt amount to Liam with 100 each month (equaling his membership and storage rental)

Still in process: Discounts: member discounts to workshops/AM discounts/volume discounts/board members/founders. Ex Com still reviewing



Area Manager to include a checklist on each piece of equipment of the stuff to do each time before use.

AM wish list

Who are the backups per area

When is your scheduled cert day/days?

AM to oversee those certified first time

Red tags



Board Member Meeting Notes from April 4th, 2016, 6PM:

ERC summit – approval by board for 4? yes

Sierra College students have started on boarding

STEAM – list of times and such provided by Liam

Review monthly reports – just do it
Skype @ Forge, use it as an emergency phone
Michael to do a demo at the Forge

Clydesdale space is actually bigger than thought, 4k sqft
40 members just pays the rent

Jeff – yes
Corisa – yes
Karen – not enthused
Liam – yes, not enthused if not enough energy from board
Michael – concerned about financials
Yvon – concerned about finances, and not have to move…but makes sense
Kara – makes sense, but…need more energy from board
want to make a move, but the circumstances are just not right at the moment
definite lack of enthusisam for move now. Energy, financials, need

Volunteer discounts for classes – AM, board 40% disc one per class, unless
taken from Forge

space monitors 20%
TBD if more than one desire seat
time based, or something
Karen working on it still

Payment options
web set up has some bearing on this
add subscribe button to newsletter
Lack of payments by some
excalation process for non-payers
auto-payment is preferred
Michael to make effort to spread word to make auto pay more accessible
othersiwe Tisha to show how to do workshops payments through website
Kara to work with Amy to do somthing about facilitor fees
When Michael get back from Germany, to learn

Cert fees, created form, Kara to put into space
everyone needs to sign and read form, certifications
Jeff to change to put signature blick underneath disclaimer stuff to get to Kara

Fundraiser – Corisa
others not suit our needs
Corisa to draft and send out material
hire videographer? $300
put what we did on online
need release forms
Corisa to send coft copy to

add to release waiver
include a place where they opt out
need to send to all current members
3-5 minute product
Board agree to this

get an adhoc group together to plan this

Corisa draft member survey to send to board for input
Google doc survey from couple years ago from Liam to Corisa

any action items,
dates for these marketing things to come from Corisa
Calendar not working?
Tisha to look into it

audio surveillance illegal?
Need to check into this -Kara

Worldfest participation
Laurie (coordinator)
more than Shamancyle

13 year old
develop a policy that deals with exceptio
Karen to draft policy and work with Ron (who met him)
along the same lines as 17 year old student
dad could come in (Wes) took welding class
? if accepted in college, could be the “in”

new business
if no move, then (Liam)
sewing  – invest
reconfigure space for other activities, knock out wall
cap ceramics
would cost couple thousand
landlord accepting of covering space, per

onto agenda for next month the above

May 2nd @ Yvon’s
Karen to host June



Curious Forge Board Meeting Notes March 7, 2016 6pm

  1. Quick review of board member monthly report (all) – Made available for all to read and all encouraged to read accomplishments.
  2. National Creative Placemaking Fund Grant (Karen) – Submitted 2 hours ahead of deadline, and confirmed accepted. Notification will be around June 1, though not sure of the notify mechanism. Probably Kara or Karen via email or snail mail.
    Action – wait and see.
  3. Discuss discounted workshops for Area Managers – Discussion. Include Board members also. This is a way to get workshops filled. Someone better than no one in class. Limit number to one discounted attendee per class, with more at the discretion of Board include Board members. Discounters pay what they can, down to facilitator fee. Offered towards the end of the time to class.
    Action – Corisa to write up this policy.
  4. Tool Rental Policy (from Tom) – No tool rental policy to be developed. All agreed.
    Action – Report to members.
  5. Certification fees (from Liam) – Discussion about establishing fee structure based on the time taken to do certifications. Larger discussion about identifying who is certified on what. Decision to create badge identifying area of certification. Pattern code areas. Color fill in with marker to designate certified. Laser cut wood. Members create their own badge as part of orientation.
    Action – Liam organizing this effort. Finalize procedure by the end of the week. Badge design by Liam.
  6. Cert form – for Area Managers to submit to admin, including disclaimer. To keep certs updated.
    Action – Kara to work on form.
  7. Potential move organization (from Liam) – Liam going to Park Ave School to check it out Tuesday Mar 8. Discussion about Clydesdale space. Karen to work through jewelry layout by March 18th.

Developing topics to discuss as part of Clydesdale move negotiation with leaser.

50 cents to start point for lease per square footage negotiations
first rights of refusal for adjacent space for potential to rent out artist studio space.
Outdoor storage
15th June, back 2 months, 15 April give notice. Can we give notice mid-month?
Free time for overlap move in time

This would put move in June. Reminder that we are featured non-profit at the Center for the Arts in July.

This also would tie in to the marketing strategy Corisa is developing.

Discussion around impact this would have on Sierra College students joining about the time of the move. Determined that impact on students, while a concern, is not as important as the overall Forge strategy.

Planned Jewelry workshop would be retained at current space, moving everything else, jewelry last.

Action – Liam to write up negotiation strategy, Michael to assist and attend negotiations.

Concern about space for jewelry lab training setup.
Action -Karen to review and respond by 3/18

  1. Payment options (from Michael)
  2. To cover credit card fees, why don’t we increase the rent by $3, and then offer a $3 discount for members who use the PayPal Friends and Family option.

Topic tabled this for this meeting. Michael talking with Tisha. Looking for easier way for users. Not ready yet. For next month – Michael.
Action – Add to agenda for April Board meeting.

  1. Space Access (from Michael)
  2. Private Space rental (orange Racks)
    1. Make list with current storage owners
    2. Notify that Rent will start April 1st
    3. Agree on rental cost and space size
    b. Area Manager space ,assign space for them to store common materials
    c. Cubbie space , assignment/ cleaning out etc.

Discussion – Area Managers should know what is in their area and identify stuff on shelves. They determine disposition for their stuff.

Wood and Metal spaces need to delineate boundaries for this kind of stuff.

Action – Area Managers own the material in their space. Work with users to deal with available material. Label material for all to see.

  1. Member identification need and ideas (from Karen) – covered above in Certification fees topic.
  2. Financial update (Michael) – Overall on a good track. Still working on consolidation and simplification. Nothing presented.
  3. New business/upcoming events:
  4. Marketing plan for fundraiser needed by mid April –
    Action – Corisa and Kara, develop marketing approaches by next month.

Website needs to be done. Website update, says good, but Liam has not been allowed to look yet.

Crowd source. Liam to send investor PowerPoint to all. National Day of Making June 18, tie this in to that hopefully. Through Center for the Arts as well. Video too!

  1. Sierra college Students – share schedule, certs etc
  2. Next meeting date – Monday April 4th at Corisa’s house 6pm. 12683 Red Dog Road. Unusual approach to house, details to follow for next meeting.
  3. Logo – Liam passed around business card sized sample in black and white to reveal it is not too busy to be legible.
    Action – Proceed with logo.


Minutes: The Curious Forge Board Meeting
Feb. 8, at The Curious Forge

In attendance:
Kara, Michael, Liam, Yvon, Karen

  • Corissa not in attendance to report on Crowd Funding status
  • Objective to strengthen internal control
  • Create more in-depth programs
  • Area Manager reports- all AM’s reported
  • Office Manager position/candidate identified. Will interview and               hope to trade for membership
  • Michael- Financial update
    QuickBooks On-Line purchased so all Board members can view
    Amy (bookkeeper) to transfer data from 2015 with goal of Amy            doing most of that task
    Changing to invoicing system for monthly dues
    Attempting to simplify payment methods
  • Kara described importance of having a secretary and described                   responsibilities of such
  • Agreed to change new member on-boarding to a three month                        commitment with a $25 admin fee and eliminate the $100                        initiation fee
  • Agreed to $5 admin fee per student for workshops
  • Discussed Hub event upcoming
  • Identified need for Volunteer Coordinator
  • Identified need for someone to provide meals for Board Meetings
  • Continued discussion about charging $ for larger storage shelves
  • Discussed need for better access to cubbies and space clutter
  • Past Action Items review:
    Michael added member to QuickBooks-done
  • Liam made list of Action Items for Area Managers-done
  • Liam made Metal Fab and Fiberglass workshop fliers-done
  • Website work in progress with Tisha and Liam- in progress
  • New Action items:
    Post Metal Fabrication and Fiberglass Workshop descriptions- Liam
  • Clarify AM roles and tasks- Liam and Kara
  • Set- up Emergency Skype acct/investigate cell booster to allow                   emergency calls to be received or made from The Forge- Michael
  • Find secretary- Karen, Yvon, Jeff
  • Solicit input on certification fees from AM’s- Liam
  • Solicit lists of certifiable equipment and appropriate $ charges from         AM’s- Liam
  • Check with Tisha about QuickBooks compatibility- Liam
  • Inventory for all areas- all Area Managers
  • Enter Forge assets into books- Michael
  • Research CueCode for machinery- Liam

Set next meeting for March 7, 6 PM


Board Meeting [1/11/2016]

Attending: Kara, Liam, Karen, Shai, Yvone, Jeff.

Therese is leaving the Forge.

  • Michael will be treasurer (currently away). We are going to work with a bookkeeper as well.
  • Meeting with ERC on New Mohack Rd – 26,000 square feet two floors – used to be SerraVideo. We are second in line to choose the space. We need 5,000 sqft. We are going to move with them. Very good light. No outside storage. There is a lot of power. We need to confirm venting. They can go below 65 cents for sqft. February 15th could be a date to sign.
  • Cameras – motion sensors due to expensive equipment – let members know.
  • Grant Application ( Karen) – Art Place America – the National Creative Place funds – 10 million available – Looking for anything creative. Ari, a new member at the Forge, is a Grant writer – We will need to register by Feb 26th – How much to ask for? Define the challenge, what way can we address this challenge, how do we know if it works. One possibility is getting the place at McCartney Rd. Ask for what we need for buying the building. Have a plan for what we are going to do with the rent. Offer grants for other artists to work on their work. Local Maker Fair.
  • Volunteer program up and running – we have 8 people: Wood, Electronics, Jewelry, and Ceramics.

Most of Saturday is covered by Bob and Ron.

  • Hub Event/Meeting

Targeting people, companies – We need to connect to the community. Maybe as open house in our new space.

We have a lot of photos of the Forge.

Hacker Lab in Rocklin – nice and inviting environment.

  • Tiered membership / RFID? Storage space for rent – no cubies space – Board members and volunteers will have storage space. We are going into a new model. The Area managers have a fixed time they are available. Identify a manager for the volunteers. Bring depth into the Forge from the community.
  • Logo –Stephany Healed from Tectonics is working on our that.
  • We are building the technological aspect of the Forge – become well rounded.
  • Yvonne is going for 3 weeks and Bob will cover for her (1/15-2/5).
  • 7000 in the bank 700 in savings. 34 members.
  • Susan is going to create Instagram and tweeter accounts, as well as a FB page.


[missing minutes to be added after hack]


Board Meeting:  5/25/14: Carlos, Kara, Therese, Liam, Candace, Steve, Ron, Jeff, Ramsey, Al, Karen


Preface for showing up to member meeting: (Liam)

-If you can’t come to the meeting please set aside 2 hours (minimum)

-How can you show up if you’re not interested in the bureaucracy part

-We want to hear your voice, but how can we do that if you’re not attending?


Used Truck for the Forge: (Jeff)

-Follow up on insurance cost, maintenance, gas

-Check in with Dwaine on storage of the vehicle

-Could be stored at Al’s workshop

-Charter school policy on Driving

-Eventually Board will come up with policy on vehicle use

-Manager of the vehicle + sign out

-A large passenger van would be more ideal

-If you have one, you’ll use it more often


Address members storing things here: You have to check in first!

-New Policy for appropriate storage

-Send out an email reminding people of their deadline to removing their                items

-Spending policy reimbursement (Liam to review)


– Talk to Steve about wheel: Please remove, not a functional item, no reimbursement possible.


$$$: Late membership payments


-After 2 months (behind): You get the letter from the board

-After 4 months (behind): You get the letter from the board and a recommendation to sign up for automatic payments


Automatic Payments:

-Reassess paypal because of banking fees

-Ad Hoc group on how to reassess workshop fees due to paypal

-Bring up at meeting


Extended Absence:

-Kara will follow up with absentees


Compiling membership hours:

-Ask members to take this on, someone needs to do this consistently

-Carlos this month

-Websites that track hours

-Ad hoc group for this?


-Buddy System:

-High priority in terms of holding on to new members

-New policy for buddies (Liam)

-Create list of buddies (Membership)


Facilitator Pay Increase:

-How much would you like to earn?

-Tool sets to buy?

-Reassess how we charge for workshops


Family Pass/Internship:

-3 months limit per year

-Just the clay room

-Member in charge of all of their guest’s usage

-Create an environment of inclusivity

-Interview process for guests also

-Respect for the community here

-Member in good standing

-6 months minimum of that member being a part of the forge

-Member in good standing


New Logo: Ad hoc group: Al, Candace, Oscar, Allison should meet soon


Past Members Party:

Food, demos, slide show, nail it down to 10 new members of excellent caliber

Raffle, contest? Every guest that you bring, you get a point, every person that becomes a member you get 4 points.

-Two group cleanings before this event

-Members please come early to the meeting (Candace to email)

-Take ownership of a specific area of the forge

-Make the date after the Soap box derby


New Members:

-Get around 10, then move on

-Where do we want to invest our energy?

-Kara to create a calendar of events for this summer where we could potentially table

Maker in Residence: Bhakti? Didn’t show up for interview….follow up?


Folks attending brainstorm session: Janet, Dugo, Steve, Carlos, Therese, Kara, Sharon, Al, Ron, Karen, Ramsey, Liam, Candace, Bhakti


Curious Forge Board Meeting 4/24/14: 6:40pm

Present: Carlos, Liam, Kara, Candace, Oscar, Therese, Al


Emergency Savings Account is setup: $50 per month starting in July


Debt Repayment: $85 per month to Liam


Chair Raffle: Four chairs

-Check Status of Chairs finding a home (Valerie & Janet)


Purchase Policy: To be covered in the next member meeting

-Please don’t bring large equipment in without approval from infrustructure/          the board


Training on Quickbooks & Budgeting/ Training from a CPA (Specialize in Non-Profits)


Candace to Loree at the Hospitality House for Workshops for Guests/Teaching us how to run a non-profit


Next Month: Print out our budget and what we’re actually spending




Volunteer Hours ~

-Email Membership about compiling volunteer hours soon please (Karen/Sharon) -Action item for Candace

-Ask for Buddy list

-Ask them to choose a lead


-Updated Workgroups but have 3 folks that need a workgroup

-Amaru –> Membership; Brad –> Infustructure; Alex –> ?


-Invite leads of workgroups to next board meeting (Candace)


-Retiree/fixed income discounted membership?

-We are Flexible, on a case by case basis

-Please bring financial concerns  to the board


-Maker in Residence:

-Examined every 3 months

-Based on skill-set rather than financial need

-Considering Bhakti as second maker in residence


Family and friends visits?

-Seems like it isn’t going to work at this time

-If so, have an open play day in the clay room

-What if we have a set up date?

-Bring up at next meeting in terms of interest


New Logo:

-Oscar is on it!

-Looking into a mascot

-Thinking about branding

-Create an ad hoc group (Liam, Oscar, Al, Candace, Ramsey so far)


Clean Up days:

-First one this Sunday!


Open House for past members needs to be after we clean…


Goal: 40 Members

-Tableling with an emphasis on Membership

-Have some cool stuff that we made on the table

-Try to identify specific types of people we’d like to join (with specific skills)


Organize Summit of all the makers in the area: Sierra Makers, Mud & Pearls, ect.


Raffle at Member Meeting: Carlos will send out to membership for folks to bring things


New Member Interviews: None at the moment


Member Meeting April 27th at 1pm

Open House May 1st

Next Board Meeting May 25th

Next Member Meeting June 1st


Call to Order 1:05pm on Sunday, March 23rd, 2014:


-Look over Budget, just a projected budget

-Estimating how many members we can count on each month/year including the members we gain and loose

-Bump up the estimated amount of members to 35 starting in April

-Ideas for fundraisers: Usually not much raised in raffles

-Breakfasts are better

-Ask Allison to come up with an estimate for fundraising for the year

-Liam has a wonderful book on it, share ideas

-$50 for infrustructure

-Plus additional lines for incidentals and Upgrades

-Add $100 to Web Hosting and Domain

-Consumables needs to be more specific, e.i. cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies

-No projected taxes

-Gas for Welding/other tools: Needs to go from $75 to $300 per year

-Supplies is another ambiguous category

-Unlabled receipts can’t be reimbursed

-Buy a Curious Forge Stamp (Kara)

-Looking into both Mail Chimp as well as Constant Contact ($96)

-$300 for the Events and Festivals (Soap Box Derby)

-2 Payments for workshops: Fee and Materials (Keep Separate)

-Make two lines for Workshop Expenses for Members and Non-Members

-Liam made a move to make an apt. with a CPA to go over the Budget with Therese and Carlos (Move Granted)


-Policies for late payments:

– Amnesty rules

-Exit interviews

– Have a meet up to see why they lost interest

-Have a clean up day before we invite old members

-What about people that just can’t pay? What would we like to propose?

-Post something in the Newsletter saying, if you can’t pay your rent please come talk to a board member(s) rather than dropping off the map.

-Case by case basis

-Pass a sheet around at the next member meeting for cleaning ideas

-A cleaning wheel was proposed: Spin the wheel so that different chores will be matched with different members.

-Compile a list of chores and propose at the next member meeting for additions


-Schedule to pay Liam back: Start with paying for his membership dues


-Raffling Chairs: What rules do we abide by? Talk to Yvon about the Raffle

-Put it to the membership


-Soapbox Derby:


-No new info on Member project and volunteer hours (Check with Valerie)


-New ideas about family and friends:

-Al has prepared a document with several ideas (will email to the board)


-Infustructure Top 3: Space planning

-Have a TLC day

– De-Clutterify the Forge

-Build Shelves in the Clay room

-Create an ADHoc group in looking at Space planning, clutter, and cleaning tasks


Call to Order: 1:10pm    Sunday, February 23, 2014


Thank You’s:

~Thank you Al and Carlos for hosting the High School Kids!

-So long as we can continue to come up with projects they will continue to come.

~Treasurers Report:

– $3900 in the bank not including 10 members late (some several months late), plus 3 folks haven’t paid for the Jewelry workshop.

-Solutions on folks who are late on rent

– Ad Hoc group to discuss late membership needs to get it done by  next member meeting.

-Annie clean in exchange for monthly dues

-Create a list of cleaning areas

~$2590 income from workshops

-How much is going back to facilitator for tools invested?

-How do we streamline this process?

-Discussed workgroup flow for workgroups

-Solidify Cancelation policy

-Standard cancelation policy + facilitator could have their own

-What are the demographics of payment methods?

-How many people pay cash, how many paypal?

-Lockbox is needed if we’re going to keep accepting cash

-Al is taking care of fixing the lockbox

-Ron is another AD Hoc group investigating how we should divide the payment of the $1800 needed per month

-How do we set aside money for our “Security Fund”?

-Buddy system:

-Everyone should have a buddy

-New members binder’s

-Get people used to going on the website for the different forms that would be in the binder.

-Add signature pages for new policies also

-List names

-What’s the next step for the binders?

-Orientation paperwork: Changes-

-60% discount on workshops

– Add the paypal payment requirement onto Orientation paperwork

-Family and Friend discount:

-Proposed policy: Folks would come in with another member and make a             project

-Pay for a guest pass

-For example: Someone would get a number of visits within a                                  certain amount of time. The member would have to be present                                and be responsible for the equipment that their guest uses.

-Create a new logo

-Network to find a logo artist

-Create an Ad Hoc group to create a new logo

-Al is leading this group

-Board needs to make a stand about better attendance at the General Meeting

-New site theme selection:

-Purchased new domain and have for 4 years

-Word press: Different themes that give you different functionality

-Present a couple of themes at the next meeting for the website

-Bringing up a new website (you won’t even notice)

Exit Interview Questions:

-Questions for past members who have left

-Get essential information from new members and for folks that are leaving

Infrastructure Top 5:

-What are our biggest concerns?


Board Meeting: January 26, 2014


Board Assignments:

-Carlos is not active President after March

-Board President position vacant


Goals for the Next Year from Board Members:

-Efficiency of running the forge both for the members and for classes so long as we don’t loose the communal aspect.

– Being on top of Money! Organized and again more efficient

– Registration be more seamless, in advance.

-Having the soup night, cabin at Loon Lake, communal aspect is paramount

-Personal making (balance of time)


Consider dividing total expenses into number of members:


-Increase monthly membership fees to $56-$60ish

-Increase the amount of members?

-More workshops (Creates more revenue)

-Ad Hoc group to discuss the idea of dividing expenses

-Determine the group at the next members meeting


Some notes on Workshops:

– Has to be quality (for future recommendations ect.)

– Schedule workshop in advance (to get facilitator organized)

– Meet your maker first (Warm up)


Financial Stuff:


-PayPal ~ Really push automatic payments: Make a deadline?

-Those who want to pay cash perhaps push the deadline up

(the 10th of each month?)

-Two buttons on website (Donations and Rent Payment)

-Also have workshop payment button


Budget 2014:


One Month of expenses saved for emergencies:

-Three months of workshops

-Two workshops a month for three months




-Guerilla marketing for non-profits

-Meetup page?

-HIre someone?

-Hire someone to train us


-Expiration dates work in our favor

– Don’t do it consistently so that we don’t become a business


Groups: The Hub for work groups

-Checklist of duties and goals

-What was accomplished

-What we’re working on

-What our future goals are (sticky points)

-For each group they send me their goals (above)

-What’s the status of each work group?

-Send a week in advance

-Candace would take this on to work out the kinks

of each group and their fluidity

-Ask who’s being  active in each workgroup

-Shift people around?

-Ask what the “inactive” people can do (what they’re willing to                                  contribute)


-Communications: Email étiquette, respond when  asked, Please!

-Wordpress: Janet, Tristan


Lack of work hours:


-People that aren’t putting in their hours

-$75-$100 instead for them?

-We don’t want to loose the communal aspect though, because that is essential

-Incentives for performing more hours?

-Patron membership


High School Maker’s Class: To empower individuals

in our community through giving them skills


-Who can commit?

-Many hands make light work

-Sustainable if there are more people


To Do: Actions


-Make late payment letter less wordy (Liam)

-Are you alright? Yes, then pay us. No? Okay, let’s work something out

-Make a new list of who will be in which workgroup –>Send to Candace

-Send Candace an excel spreadsheet template (Therese)

-External non-profit activities that we can offer (Liam)

-Contact Maria: for membership (Kara)


Next Board Meeting: Feb 23rd.


Member Meeting February 9th

Open House February 6th

Board Meeting — Sunday, October 27, 2013, 1pm, Curly Wolf

Attending: Carlos, Kathy Frey, Alison, Liam, Karen Ramsey, Annie

Membership Report

Karen & Annie from Membership Committee brought sample binders for each Board member to review. They are proposing that each Forge Member receive a binder with all documents, policies & info concerned with the Forge. Any future changes or updates can be printed & handed out at member Meetings (members will be encouraged to always bring binders to meetings). Calendars and note pages will be included in each binder.

The Board is currently reviewing binders, but since we don’t want to duplicate efforts, Liam is handling all review & updates for missing information. He will get those files to Karen.

When the info is complete, Karen & Annie will print 1 more master sample for final review.

Binders are being donated or purchased from thrift shops for $1 at most. Members will be encouraged to decorate/personalize binders. This will be a great starting project for new members.

Liam will also start working on making a CD of power points, videos & such from early Forge days to include with binder… this will be longer term.

Liam will also work on formalizing the list of questions used as interview questions for potential members.


Financial Report

It’s too confusing for Alison & Kara to be sharing deposits. Alison doesn’t always know what money was deposited or what it’s for… complicating the record keeping for her.

Alison will create budget line items for workshop revenue.

Alison will clarify Grand Opening revenue with Kara. Kaaren’s expenses for food were very high ($450+), which we paid for. Carlos will manage all aspects of food for major events going forward since that’s his area of expertise.

Member dues for 2014 were discussed since in 2012/13 there was a discount for anyone paying dues 1 year in full because the Forge needed seed money to get started. With our current rent requirements, the Forge cannot afford to offer discounts. Most members are not aware of this option, so the Board suggests not bringing it up at the member’s meeting. Anyone can still pay rent in large chunks, there will just not be any discount for doing so.


Planning Budget for 2014-2015

Alison will do a draft first that we can respond to. This will be our first time having a budget.


Status on chair raffle

Janet is waiting for “professional” photos of chairs before approaching coffee shops about placing our chairs there. Let’s figure out how to get good photos with member resources:

-ask Jeff to take photos? Ramsey has a photo backdrop drape… could he bring to Forge?

All raffle tickets were consolidated to rocking chair.

-ask Kara if any more tickets sold during Open Studios?

-where are we at with ticket sales? (and where are the tickets, sold and tickets to sell?) We still want to reach 50. So far people don’t know that their tickets are still valid… can we do more PR to build buzz around selling tickets? We would like to see advertised on CF front page, Facebook, sell tickets at open houses, have at art walks, etc.

-Neko at Stonehouse has invited the Forge to do an art show there in December… we could bring the rocking chair & sell more tickets.

Carlos will follow up with Janet, Valerie & Kara to see where we are with all these loose ends.


Database software options

Our contacts are our most valuable resource. We should track people with specific interests for classes, etc. as well as PR resources.

Salesforce is free for nonprofits.

We should have a spread sheet at a bare minimum (possibly in GoogleDocs).

Sharon is working on consolidating/gathering all info.

Carlos will follow up once Sharon reports back & we will have some sort of meeting to discuss options before making a decision.


Halloween parade info

Jeff is our guide. Liam is doing lights.

Liam will ask Jeff to send email with details to entire Forge list.

Jeff is doing tow hitch so Shamancycle can be towed around town.


KVMR tower art project status

Carlos will let Glenn & Tristan know to update about it at the Member Meeting.


Public art bike rack

Liam met with Amy the owner of Summer Thyme’s. They are moving between Xmas and NYE.

They aren’t expecting the bike rack to be used until spring, so we have more time to complete the project.

Amy loves sunflowers & gardens, so 1 idea is to make a garden with gears… it could be kinetic.

Amy is figuring out budget but it’s undefined.

The area is about (1) 8’x12’ parking space.


Art lamp hacking

Since the time pressure is lifted for the art bike rack, Liam will re-introduce this project at the Member meeting & get it rolling.


Hospitality House Empty Bowls in March 2014

Ask Yvon if she will coordinate again… organize bowl making/firing as well as a group glazing night again. Would Yvon be willing to make a calendar so we knew the time frame of cut off for bowls so they could be fired and then glazed, etc.

This could be a PR/volunteer opportunity if CF could commit to making a certain # of bowls. We could create a CF stamp to impress in the bottom of each bowl.

We could also create wood-turned bowls (possible option to line with plastic bowls).

Side note, Liam got another lathe so he can bring that into Forge.


PR opportunities

When would be a good time to apply for KNCO’s nonprofit of the month?

Nevada County Arts council… get with them even if we can’t join… they have a huge Facebook page.

Carlos is proposing we have separate planning/brainstorming meetings so that Therese can help with tracking… we worry about throwing out ideas & then losing track of them.


Certification Circus

Liam will set a specific schedule & will propose it at the Member Meeting.

Liam needs more certifiers… Ramsey, Karen, Jeff, Liam… Carlos might do woodturning



Do we need a fundraising committee?


Workshop Development

Goal is to have things on a calendar for Member Meeting, at least Nov/Dec workshops.


Goals/Adjective for 2014

Sustainability for the Forge (ongoing workshops, etc.)

Binder is in line with future efforts.

Carlos has started a punch list for this.

Are we living the mission statement?

Liam broached the idea of what would happen if another maker’s space opened up here… we all discussed options of inward vs. outward facing options


Member Hours

Therese consolidates the hours. In Membership Committee guidelines, it’s discussed that Membership would take on this role.

We can discuss this next month… let Membership get rolling with current efforts of building binder & figuring out how to coordinate new member orientations (i.e., set 1 or 2 times offered each month, not bending to accommodate schedules, new members need to accommodate for Forge).


Wood stove

Liam has a line on one. We can discuss.


Social Events for Membership

Should we have an Xmas party or any potlucks open to members & their families? Purely social, not a meeting.

Regular social gatherings?

Liam can do an urn burn, etc.

Birthday months? Etc…. how to handle? Members’ board?

Membership Committee will brainstorm ideas.

What’s the best way to poll members?


Bring a Friend Policy Proposal for MYM events

Facilitator identifies number of possible attendees. If all spots are not filled by members, can it be okay for an attending member to bring a friend?

Must be okay with the facilitator.

Depends of the type of MYM: ok for demo-style events or those not using power tools.

Add-on space usage fee of $10 (or variable) for non-members + any materials fee.

Ask before assuming… ask the facilitator, ask the Board.

Liam will email membership re: this proposal.

All of this outreach stuff  (like bring a friend or family/friend social events) help promote the Forge & may help with membership signups.


Guest policy

Each member is allowed 2 people 2 times per month.


New Member Goodie Bags

Ask Glenn, do we have a budget? What comes out of the joining fee? Apron, binder? Should we offer gift certificates to Restore? Or have choices for people so we don’t duplicate a tool they have already?

Alison will need this info to help with budget.


New Member Initiation/Welcome

Plan this to happen after Member Meeting. Heat up the iron & stamp aprons.

Have a space on shelf already designated for specific new member… decorate it with a welcome sign, etc.

Have a set time for member initiation.


Meeting adjourned: 3:50pm