Workshop/Event PR How-to for the PR Binder (in progress)

Basic Information needed for promotion:

  • Address:  12400 Loma Rica Drive, #5, Grass Valley, CA

  • Contact Information:    ***this varies per workshop, often its (Kara) at 277-3319, please do not use first names though, just ‘contact us’, or email:

  • Marketing descriptor:  “An industrial arts & crafts playground!”

Use FB for fundraising events, post in NC Peeps and Gold Country Burners as well as ours.!/groups/sierramakers/

– Click on “Events”

– Click on “+ Create Event”

– Things to check for:

  • ONLY enter physical address in “Where” so that it links to Google maps

    • In description mention “Just off the Grass Valley circle, behind Animal Save Thrift.”

  • Be mindful that only the first 2 or 3 lines show on the page if someone doesn’t click ”See More” so put the exciting/important stuff first! For classes with limited attendance – like MIG welding – make sure to put “Must register – see details below!”  in the first two lines.

  • Enter an end time for all workshops

  • Click bottom right box to invite your friends

  • Request that one of the FB page administrators invites the remaining FB page members

    • Kara, Liam,

  • Add photo after posting

    • In the edit event page, click on the settings icon and select: Add event photo


– A week or so after creating the event, create a post ie. “Come on out to join us!!!”  on The Curious Forge FB page and below your text, paste a link to the event page (I just open the event page in another tab, copy the url and paste it after my post).  FB will automatically post the picture and link within a few seconds.  Then to clean it up, you can go ahead and delete the typed url, (the link and photo will remain.)

– Encourage people to “Join” if they are coming and to post on their own pages to boost exposure.

KNCO PSA (minimum 2 weeks prior to event)

– go to

– click on “Submit to KNCO” button in top navigation

– click on Public Service Announcement in sidebar

– enter all event details

KVMR PSA (minimum 2 weeks prior to event)

– go to

– click on “Submit PSA” button in top navigation

– review the very specific instructions (should we detail these here so that we can have the text ready according to their standards before trying to enter it?) and enter all event details

– Online Stop Watch to time your announcement:

– DO NOT put $$$ amount in the announcement, only in the notes section.

– Examples and Past events that may be repeated:

  • Pine Needle Basket Workshop

    • Announcement: Come to The Curious Forge May 31 and make your own pine needle basket! Terry will provide instruction, handouts, and inspiration for advanced techniques!  Check out for more information.

    • Notes: Cost is $30,

  • Open House at The Curious Forge

    • Announcement:  Check out The Curious Forge, your local industrial arts & crafts playground! Open house Thursday June 7 from 6-8.  See member projects, meet local makers, and solder yourself a blinky pin!

  • MIG Welding Workshop

    • Announcement:  The Curious Forge is offering a MIG Welding workshop for the total newbie! Learn concepts, methods and hands-on welding with an experienced instructor.  Check out for more information and to register.

    • Notes:  Cost $85 + $10 matls.  To register: Call us at 530-277-3319, or email:


KVMR other mentions ~ Zentech, Adios Babylon, etc.

Glenn Far & Paule – Zentech show -Second Wednesday at 1pm,

  • Glenn –,  Paule –

Kelly Moreno & Michael Melendez – Adios Babylon – Second Wednesday at 12pm



The Union Community Event Listing

– go to

– Click on “Submit Event” and follow form, use your own name as submitter, rather than the contact person

– Choosing a category – “community” is the default and this could mean more people will see it if they don’t click on other categories.  There should probably be a discussion about the best place for it: community, arts & entertainment, education, …

– Check the end time that is calculated based on the duration you enter.

Posters/flyers ~ format, size, printing details, how many + list of where/how to hang (distribute asap for confirmed workshops)

{enter details here}

–contact at the Union is Brett Bentley, features editor of the Prospector.  Her contact info is

(530) 477-4219

We usually prep the PR and give to Brett on a CD with photos the Thursday (7 days) before the issue of the Prospector we want to be in.

Craig’s List (post & re-post as needed)

– go to

– under COMMUNITY click on artists (all other community categories are filled with spam)

– click on [POST] in upper right hand corner

– create post and add lo-res images

– person posting will need to enter their own email address so they can approve the listing once it’s created. To add registration email contact to the description do something like email [at!] thecuriousforge [dot] com to prevent spam spyders

Community Calendar of Events (post as soon as events are confirmed)

confirm that all actually have listing after

(this is synced with 9 other calendars, so we do not have to submit to them all… including The Union, NC Chamber, GV Chamber, Arts Collaborative of Nevada County, etc.)

– go to

– scroll to bottom of page & click on “Click here to submit an event”

– enter details; very short description is best


The Union ~ classifieds? print calendar? articles?


The Advocate ~ print calendar (at least for monthly open houses?)? articles?

{enter details here}

It’s possible to submit events and Open Houses online at and click on “Submit Event”

We are not sure if the print edition pulls from this calendar… Kathy has a query in to them as of 11/17/12

Nevada County Arts ~ any partnering or cross-promo?

{enter details here}

AsIf ~ any partnering or cross-promo?

{enter details here}

Twitter ~ should we have a CF account? Do members have their own accounts to help promote events or knowledge of CF?

We Twitter at: TheCuriousForge, password: Forge1PR
connected to which forwards to Liam’s email

Email newsletter ~ monthly or more frequent?

{enter details here}

Direct emails to workshop sign-ups from open houses? ~ unpaid recruits for workshops

{enter details here}

Press Releases for certain events? ~ this could be a broader community reach all the way down to Sac and to other maker spaces, etc.

{enter details here}

Tabling at events

  • have 2 people per time slot

  • at least one day ahead, if not more, try to find out which projects will be displayed and have some info on them for those of us who have no idea what they are (for ex. gasifier)

  • suggest opener of “Do you like to make stuff?”

  • put out signage indicating which workshop a project came from

  • be clear on age limitations/liability for workshops (what are the rules on kids?)

  • take a clipboard for notes on people’s questions, requests, ideas.”What do you want to make?”