Get qualified and start making

Equipment Qualification Classes are the way for us to insure everyone is safe and the equipment continues to operate and lasts as long as possible (please note: this is not any kind of official or professional qualification or certification. This is to be qualified to use the equipment in The Curious Forge as a member). WE ARE OPENING UP THESE CLASSES STARTING MAY 2021  TO THE PUBLIC. In this way you can take a qualification class before becoming a member and then hit the ground running once you join! These are scheduled thru-out the month but are not every week. Thanks

Not all areas have the same qualification steps. e.g. Ceramics is a 2 hour certification with no videos or quiz whereas metal is a 3 week certifications with a lot of training materials, hands on, practicum and quizzes

Certification Materials and Request form (scroll down for payment links)

Steps to getting Certified on equipment

  • Identify Area/Equipment you need for your project

    Building a custom bicycle ? Want to create a ring for your partner ? developing a new product ? Identify the equipment and area you need to start on your project, thats where you will need to start.

  • View the safety and operations materials on equipment

    We have identified Videos, manufacturers manuals and other online sources for you to look at. be sure to view all  Certification Materials on checklist for that area/equipment( see links in side panel )

  • Look for certifications on the website calendar

    Look on our website calendar for the training certifications events. IF you do not find a cert you want on the calendar THEN fill out the Certification Request Form. Contact our admin Nancy at [email protected], if you have any questions. Our certifiers are local expert volunteers and know our equipment and processes intimately.

    You MUST be scheduled beforehand. This is not a drop in situation. Purchase your ticket in advance, review any prerequisite videos or documents. Purchase your consumables, if required, from the Forge Store.

    Please arrive promptly to regularly scheduled times. If the course has started, you may not be allowed to participate. 24 hour notice to receive a refund.

    Please remember that our guides are all volunteers and life sometimes throws last minute things into our path. We will make every effort to insure this doesn’t happen.

  • Pay for certification and print out receipt

    Purchase your ticket through out website calendar on the day of the certification training. Again, IF you don’t find the class you want THEN fill out a certification request form.

  • Hands On

    This portion of the certification will be demonstration and hands-on training. The Certifier will give you step by step instruction on the proper safety and usage of the equipment.

    Please show up PROMPTLY ! Wearing proper clothing ( if necessary ), having viewed all material and bring your payment receipt

    (if you are extraordinarily late, or miss it completely because you forgot, you will be put on the waiting list, behind anyone already on it. IF you don’t want to wait you can re-purchase another cert ticket and join the next scheduled one. Missing a cert impacts other members, the admin and certifier)

  • Practicum / Mastery demonstration / quiz

    This portion of the certification occurs at least one day later and usually the following week. The purpose is to insure that you have absorbed and retained the hands on portion of the process.

    The practicum/quiz allows you to demonstrate your safety, knowledge and operations skills on each piece of equipment you are certifying on. PRACTICUM MUST BE TAKEN WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF HANDS ON, if not the hands on portion will have to be taken again (no charge), and the practicum done within 2 weeks before being considered qualified.

    Be sure to view the materials again if needed.

    The Area Guide has final say on your qualification to use the equipment. They may ask you to

    • go ahead and use the equipment at any time
    • give you a provisional if there were some hesitation or gaps in your knowledge (provisional means you must be in the space WITH an area manager monitoring you)
    • ask you to retake the hands on portion again. There is no charge for this.

    Please understand that we want to keep everyone safe and the equipment running smoothly.