Be a Facilitator

Teaching at The Curious Forge is a rewarding experience! We love being a space that can support your talents and help you share them. Your contribution to our community, through teaching at The Forge, is incredibly valuable.

There are lots of ways to contribute, through workshops, summer camps, special group classes, youth classes, family classes, and mingle and make classes. Bring your skills, expertise, and passion to our larger community.

Learn to make wire-wrapped Jewelry

Requirements to Facilitate:

  • Commitment, maturity, and experience
  • Deep knowledge or a passion to share
  • Great communication skills
  • A desire to lend your vibe to the community

The Space

We have 16 incredible studios in which to work, your workshop will be housed in the appropriate area with everything that you need.


We handle the administration of your workshop, from collaborating with you on the details to creating the event on our website to promotion and sales. We take those details out of your hands.


We promote our workshops heavily! On social media, Facebook and Instagram, through our local newspapers and radio stations, as well as through our newsletter with over 2500 recipients. Of course, we encourage you to promote through your outlets too, we do a lot of the heavy lifting.


We support you in getting your workshop up and running. We’ll make sure the space is ready for you, we help get materials, and even can even find assistance if need be.

Get started by filling out a Class/Workshop Proposal Form!