Here is a MYM proposal form to submit to Naima @

The purpose of the MYM gatherings is to share skills, materials, methodologies in a fun supportive community setting. This will foster the dissemination of skills, create an atmosphere of mutual support and collaboration, and give a forum for discussion of new ideas with diverse viewpoints. Each CF member has committed to doing some “Meet Your Maker” gatherings a year as part of their membership.

The MYM gathering generally lasts about 1-3 hours so we can do it in an evening. They can also be on the weekend or have more than one night if needed. Materials or a list should be provided. Costs are generally just for materials unless consumables are used. If materials are purchased by Maker, then they can request an RSVP from members and reimbursement.

What can I do?
Anything that trips your trigger! Having a passion about something is a huge draw. In general, the MYM gatherings fall into the following categories.

                Watch the Maker – Demonstration only

Movie, demonstration of technique or materials, performance orientated, show and tell of completed

Example: demonstration of a completed project, talking about the challenges of creating it.

                Follow the maker – Hands on

Each participant gets materials to create a project, instruction on how work with the material, and the facilitator is there to guide and assist.

Example – Wet Felting hats, pine needle basketry

                Support the Maker – some hands on, some demo only, while the maker works on a larger project

                                Example: Maker is creating a project that participants can both learn from and help create.

                Present the Maker

CF member finds another maker with unique skills and produces a “Meet Your Maker” Night with them.

Example: Person who has delved into robotics. This person can bring in examples of their explorations and answer questions about challenges and how to get started.

What should I keep in mind when planning my MYM
When planning your MYM gathering, here are some questions that may be helpful to contemplate.

  • ·         What are the benefits to the participants or the forge in general?
  • ·         What new skills, projects, or exposure to new materials will the participants experience?
  • ·         What is coming up such as a holiday or gathering that you can tie into?
  • ·         What skills have you heard members wanting (you can do a poll)?
  • ·         How can you make it fun?
  • ·         How much time it will gathering be and what are the materials and costs?

What if I still am not sure what to do?

If you get stuck or need some inspiration, you can call or email the Workshop Workgroup members for ideas and suggestions. We want to make sure your gathering is successful.

How do I Sign up ?
Please notify us at to sign up and coordinate times/dates for your MYM gathering. It’s best to have at least two dates that would work . Our goal is to have everyone signed up for the next 3 months. Having them scheduled in advance lets us all plan accordingly.

How do I let members know about my MYM Gathering ?
It’s important to promote your MYM gathering. Everyone is encouraged to attend these MYM gatherings, although we know not everyone can. To get the most participation, it’s important that people know what to expect, have the date time and materials, and to know what skills they will be exposed to. 

  • ·         Contact the workshop workgroup and get it in the newsletter prior to your MYM
  • ·         Use word of mouth to explain what you will be doing
  • ·         Ask for time on the members meeting to highlight your MYM
  • ·         Put up a poster in the forge with pics of what you will be doing
  • ·         Attend other members MYM to support other members and get a feel for what makes a good MYM gathering 


Past MYM Gatherings

  • ·         Wet Felting
  • ·         Things we can blow up in the Microwave
  • ·         Tool Tour
  • ·         Pine Needle basketry
  • ·         Glass Fusing
  • ·         Mosaic creation
  • ·         Stenciling
  • ·         Wire sculpture
  • ·         Soldering
  • ·         Bike maintenance

The most important idea is to have FUN!