Curious Forge Member Meeting: 6/29/14

CF member meeting 6/29/14

Attending: Liam, Yvon, Carlos, Amaru, Valerie, Dugo, Bhakti, Glenn, Al, Therese, Steve, Kara, Jeff, Alison

  1. Celebrated Glenn’s Union article!
  2. 6 recent interviews with prime candidates
  3. Kudos:
    1. Carlos – thanks, chores are getting done, place is looking better in general.
    2. Liam – thanks to Yvon for EXCELLENT workshop support, everything was cleaned up and ready for class, food out, coffee made, paperwork ready. Much appreciated!
  4. We are officially a nonprofit, we received our 501c3 notification!!! Thanks to Liam, Carlos, Kara, Alison for carrying this through.
  5. Our condolences to Jeff, who lost his mother last week. Big hugs Jeff.
  6. SBD – we won Most Wackiest Group award! Thanks to Jeff, Al, Kara and Dugo for making this happen.
  7. Please remember to contribute to our snack fund when you take sodas from the fridge.
  8. Power point presentation by Carlos and Liam “Back to the Future”, values at the forge
  9. Discussion re: full percentage for any workshop facilitator internal or external. It’s a lot of work to do a workshop and the incentive needs to be there. We will also do a sliding scale member discount dependant on workshop costs and facilitator needs.
  10. Jeff: has a family cabin available for the group!
  11. As of August 15th, fee structure changes so that all expenses are divided by number of members. With 29 members it would be $74, with 40 members it would be $54. Its in everyone’s interest to help retain members. At the end of July we’ll announce what the next fee is which will be for the next 2 months.
  12. Kara is CF admin!
  13. Members want a forum added to website for internal conversations. Will be looked into
  14. Liam: landlord has agreed to us putting a container out in parking lot for storage. Idea to charge members for storing items on shelves if they wish was supported. Otherwise members need to store items that are not being actively worked on at home.
  15. Still looking into obtaining large passenger van, $1500/year for insurance.
  16. External groups Liam has been talking to, will ask for member participation as projects come up:
    1. Hospitality house
    2. Girl Scouts welding
    3. Boys to Men
    4. Fix it – host at forge?
    5. Upcycling demos 1x per month
    6. Kickstarter project

Curious Forge Member Meeting: 6/1/14

Called to Order: 3:08

Attending: Liam, Candace, Carlos, Yvon, Dugo, Steve, Jeff, Karen, Ramsey, Sharon, Kara, Brandy, Guilia, Therese

Volunteer Hours/Meeting Attendence:

Called out the “high rollers” WooHOoo!

Derby Car Status:

By next weekend we need to have it up and rolling! Volunteers needed!

Facilitator pay change: 60% for all facilitators now in effect

Limit Member attendance in Workshops?

To be ironed out by Workshop Support and the Facilitator on a case by case basis:

– Raising the member price

-Limiting the amount of members attending

-Assess a threshold of folks

Workshops with Bhakti:

-Wants to host workshops but needs us to facilitate building the infrustructure

Workgroup Updates:


Made postings, printed flyers for upcoming workshop!

-Infrustructure: Up to date?

-Workshop Development:

-Met with Chris Merritt

-Exploratory workshop: Ardweeno

-Stone Carving: Put together proposal for workshop


-Collaborative projects happening once a month, one member leads

-Would create an art show every other month

-Would allow new members to get involved right away

-Ask a new member what they want to do, then follow through with their                buddy right away so that attendance becomes habitual

-Makers Fair:

-CF to sponsor a maker’s fair?

Revamp the Buddy System:

-Maybe have 2 buddies?

Make a new sign in sheet?

New Part time paid administrator position:

-Someone to fulfill the tasks that have to get done

-Paid for by member retention

-Paid for by increased workshops

-20 hours a month/ $20 per hour

-First draft of a job description

-Jump start the position by having them work more hours at first

-Hiring from within?

-Some Concerns….

-Retired professionals?

-Putting it out to the membership, but they have to be qualified (interview process)

*It seems like the membership is in favor of hiring someone

Possible Monthly dues increases:

-While having a buffer for 2-3 months of rent, would like the burden of shortcomings to be shared.

-If there is a workshop then rent goes down, if people are late rent goes up (for example)

-With 40 members there’s no increase

-After the membership drive we would introduce the increase (or decrease)

-If there is excess then perhaps we could put it into a scholarship fund for             members


Cap on Members at 40….Until we want to expand to the next building (then 60-70)

Chore Rundown! Address the entry room for list, will also be online and in weekly update newsletter

Financial Report: Loooowwwww

Pretty Please pay your rent and/or sign up for paypal on time

Next Open House: Thursday, June 5th

Next Board meeting: June 22nd

Next Member Meeting: June 29th

Meeting Adjourned: 5:09pm


Curious Forge Meeting April 27th, 2014:

Members Attending: Carlos, Liam, Al, Yvonne, Marie, Dugo, Jacquie, Robin, Candace, Steve, Jeff, Oscar,

Soap Box Derby: June 21st at Pioneeer Park

-A lot of interest in the forge

            -Offered to wave our entrance fee if we bring our art car

-Middle School also wants our vehicles for an event: Wednesday, May 21s

Open Houses:

-Making them more inviting with food and a raffle

Bike Rack:


-Needs more grinding

            -Installing at Summer Thyme (it would be awesome if members could go)


Forge Makeover:


-TLC as a monthly gig

            -A couple of hours before each meeting?

-Make the most of the space

-Chore wheel: A different chore for each member every week/biweekly

            -Cleaning tasks as a group

                        -Revisit this down the line to see if tasks are being shared equally

                        -A Cleaning list is being compiled and a wheel for chores (At meeting,                   & by Oscar, Jacquie, Candace)


Family/Friend Pass:

            – There is some interest (around 6 members)


Getting more members:

-Active outreach at workshops

-Yes, Please! If you know someone awesome invite them to teach a workshop!!


Past Member Outreach: June 5, 2012

-Have a party!

            -Impress/Bait them

            -Introductory offer?

-10-12 new members with awesome skill sets is our goal for now

-Think about who you would like to bring

-Plan on a couple of demonstrations



-Would we be willing to share a booth with Jacquie this summer at the farmers market ($75 to join, $15 per week, Insurance, Percentage to market?)

            -Are we allowed to share a booth? 

-Have a booth of our own at the market? (Craft booth)


Curious Forge Member Meeting 3/30/14 3pm

Attending: Amaru, Karen, Guilia, Ron, Liam, Sharon, Brandy, John, Jeff, Glenn, Robin, Kara, Dugo, Ramsey, Therese, Carlos, Yvon, Al, Janet, Oscar, Bhakti, Valerie, Alison, Craig, Steve

New Member Introductions- whoo hooo Brandy, Amaru and Oscar! Welcome! Then we went around and introduced ourselves to them.

Thank you’s: John, Ron, Steve, Dugo for shelving and sink work; Bhakti and Robin for getting weaving area going.

Soap Box Derby: June 21st, Jeff asking for participation contact him if you want to help out either with building and/or event itself. Signup sheet went around. We hadn’t entered but they asked us if we’d participate..


Picnic Table: some aren’t comfortable with table and/or the space it takes up but decision to change shelved until jewelry area set up and we see what the space looks like.

REMINDERS: turn off gases once used! The most dangerous part of forge, please check and double check you’ve turned off any gas you’ve used. Thank you!

Bike Rack: Liam – installation party at SummerThymes is April 12th. Checking out powder coating prices. Some more welding and grinding needed, check with Liam before working on them (as with any group project, be in contact with lead before work)


Forge needs some TLC: Valerie to head Ad hoc group to throw out some dates and generally please, please always clean up after yourself so others don’t have to.


Loon Lake: Happening this Thursday the 3rd! (Ramsey’s bday). No pets, holds 20, please check last week’s email with info about what to bring (bedding, food, your own utensils etc!)


Food Bank: Karen reminds that she brings things in around Friday noonish, for those in need, please help yourselves.


Photos: for newsletter, FB etc. please try to put them on the Forge computer for general accessibility.

Open House: is ON for this Thursday, there will be enough forgers here, and we encourage all who aren’t looning to come!


Group reports:

Communications: Ramsey, need to meet again, Crosbie was lead so new lead needs to be designated, and someone to take over radio and newspaper postings.

Infrastructure: Ron, thanks again to Steve, Dugo, Jeff for work around forge. Clearing out shelves for new members, please label your shelf, consider splitting one so more have access to lower spots.

Workshop Dev: Liam- 40 workshops on the list, working on how to cost workshops and workflows. If you know of a facilitator let everyone know.

Membership: Binders for new members and one that will be passed around to current members to read and sign off on. Call for more buddies. Maker Faire in May – road trip? Need photos for member board! See Valerie


Budget: sent out for review.

Adjourned 4:45pm


Curious Forge Member Meeting  3/9/2014

Called to Order: 3:12pm

Members Present: Sharon, Liam, Valarie, Ron, Dugo, Kara, Candace, Al, Karen, Ramsey, Janet, Robin, Therese, Glen, Jeff, Yvonne, Steve, Carlos,

Thank Yous:


-Thanks to Infrastructure for organizing wood, building shelves, building metal table ect.


-Thank you to Karen, Ramsey, and Al for building up the space for jewelry workshops!


-Thank you for the donations from Karen from the Jewelry workshop


-Thank you also to Liam for his donation


Loom Lake Cabin Rental in April:

10 folks signed up so far



When you create a group email please put the recipients in the BCC zone so that when they reply it doesn’t go to everyone. Don’t hit reply all please.


Newsletter Articles, Ideas?:

-Please send Liam articles for the newsletter, welcome and appreciated

-Highlight a member each month?


Meet Your Maker:

-More organization on calendar?

-Jewelry MYM this coming Thursday (3/13)

-Soup night the following Thursday (3/20)


Financial Report:

-$4500 in the Bank

-Automatic Payments:

-Can be done on the website!


Late Payments for Members:

-Less generic notices, contact member personally


On line payments for workshops:

-It is set up, payments go to PayPal

-Alison handling workshop funds


Group Reports:


-Workshop Support / Development:

-Created a Packet and Guidelines for members for the day of workshops

-Still compiling a list of workshops

-Waiting on dates for workshops

-MIG Welding workshop on March 22nd (full)



-Add Survey on Workshop evaluation on where participants heard about the        workshop

-Still organizing flow with Workshop support

-Came up with timeline

-Designated tasks for PR (as separate from WS and WD)



-Workbench, tool storage, meshings are going up, jewelry set up, sink,

-Needed: Steel hinges & Hasp (latch) and chains to hang lights

-Get together with Robin for ideas for shelving for the weaving zone



-Finished the Member Binders!

-Will have one binder here, members need to read it and sign a paper

-Redo the member board

-Shift through the food once a week


-Please put stuff in its place!


Ad Hoc expenses Group:

-No news to report

-Candace joined the group

-Some members would like to see a financial report

(what we spend member dues on)


Ad Hoc group on Late Payments:

-Made a big calendar for both organization and remind folks when rent is due

-Personalize the emails sent to folks who are late, for example:

John Doe, your rent to the forge is late


New Sign:

-Talk to Ramsey if you want to input on the sign

New Logo:

-If you have any ideas, submit them to Al


Bitney HS:

-Good fun, everyone seemed to be enthusiastic


Shaman Cycle Works!


Reading of the Mission Statement:

Can make additions!


Raffle! WooHoo!!!!

Curious Forge Membership Meeting 2/9/14 3pm

Attending: Karen, Yvon, Steve, Sharon, Robin, Jeff, Ron, Ramsey, Ali, Al, Liam, Carlos, Kara, Dugo, Janet, Tristan

Absent: Craig, Candace, Therese, Annie, Brad, Eric, Giulia, Valerie, Crosbie, Jacquie, Marie, John, Glenn

1.       New Board members: Al- in attendance; Candace, Therese

2.       Thank you’s:

1.       Thank you Ron, and Dugo for new clay sink! Only clay on this side of sink, nothing else.

2.       Bowls – Yvon! Al, Dugo, Sharon

3.       Al- all the tools and stations for metalsmithing class; bench top for jewelry class (designated for jewelry work only)

4.       Ramsey for keeping up on FB

5.       Liam/Janet – lots of hours on constant contact

6.       Karen for 3rd Thursday soup nights

7.       Liam- Bike rack

3.       MYM- Liam has a number coming up:

a.       Driftwood sculpture

b.      Movie night

c.       27th-stone carving with Dugo

d.      Hackerlab-will be arranging a tour for us, date tbd

e.      Although these are Thursday nights any night can have one

f.        Will be on calendar

4.       SummerThymes Bike Rack:  unveiled first of 5 fish that at part of bike rack thanks to Liam’s design and work by Liam, Janet, Jeff, Dugo, Kara

5.       Buddy System- Sharon: new members get matched with existing members to help them with engagement and participation, answer questions etc. Al really appreciates being one as he could have used one himself as a new member.

a.       Yvon, Jeff, Steve, Liam offered to be next buddies

b.      Call buddies weekly for 2 months and check in

c.       Particularly get buddies to meetings!


6.       Group reports: Reminder from Liam that workgroups represent the leads in each area but it is everyone’s charter to help and participate as needed. Less hierarchical and more flat structure.


a.       Infrastructure-Ron:

i.      Sink usable but faucet still leaks and would like to buy new one

1.       Al will make a lid for that sink

ii.      Make clay training to include ‘clay room etiquette’

iii.      Tall ladder? May go to Al’s

iv.      Weaving/textile space being created up top

v.      Bandsaw is dead

vi.      Clay room: stick with cone 6 clay only

1.       Yvon will remove small kiln as we don’t use it

2.       Each time you fire please contribute $10- put in round green tin kept in clay room

3.       Want more shelving

4.       Candace wants to make glazes

b.      Communications-Janet:

i.      Sent out email with upcoming events

                                                             ii.      Need to get all event/class info 7 weeks in advance

                                                            iii.      Want to fill workshops better, sooner

                                                           iv.      Start using meetup? –sends email reminders

                                                             v.      Will hand out flyers at member meetings so all can distribute

                                                           vi.      Workshop sign up sheets need transcribing, are in 2nd drawer of office filing cabinet, check off names as you do them

c.       Workshop Dev/Support:

                                                               i.      Ali- working on form for how workshops are paid for so that all $ info gets to treasurer.

                                                             ii.      Get stamp made to use on recycled envelopes that ask for all needed info

iii.      Need more people on support!!

                                                           iv.      Liam-3 sheets full of potential workshops, coordinating now, soon on calendar

                                                             v.      Tristan- auto payments per class on website now, click on item in calendar!! (meetup could work very well with our website)

d.      Membership- Karen:

i.      Group has been meeting, new member binders almost ready

ii.      Encourage all to come to 3rd Thursday soup night, they’ve been really fun

iii.      Karen has reserved a cabin at Lune Lake Lodge up 50 for April 3,4. Only $10 per for both nights, will be asking for feedback on who can come soon.

1.       Would need to bring all cooking, food, sleeping needs, ad hoc group to be created to coordinate

7.       Finance – Alison:

a.       We are officially a nonprofit in California!! Still awaiting federal notice

b.      Have $ in bank

c.       PLEASE be on time with rent, really helps

8.       Ad Hoc groups needed for these issues,  they will canvas all for ideas, input: volunteers:

a.       How do we deal with late payments? Janet, Steve

b.      Should we just take expenses and divide by number of members in order to cover rent? Lowers as we have more members: Ron

9.       Two events Jeff brings to table for input:

a.       NC Soap Box Derby:

                                                               i.      We have not signed up yet but probably still can in next couple weeks

ii.      Probably can modify current car to use

iii.      Wants to make it a kinetic sculpture, that really engages crowd

b.      ShamanCycle at Burnal Equinox

i.      An intermediate burning man created by local and sac groups, we are already in and have camping area

ii.      March 1st, 3pm to 3am

iii.      At fairgrounds this year, they want us, we can be travelling around large parking lot, camp area

iv.      Sent out sign up sheets for help with rig and for event

10.   We have $2K in equipment wish list thanks to Liam donation!

a.       Email liam for wishes

11.   Bitney College Prep HS at the Forge;

a.       A teacher has a maker class and wanted to coordinate with forge to bring students in

b.      Al and Carlos will teach them to solder, if you have a solder gun please bring it in!

c.       They will send out email regarding it

12.   Jeff will find a repository for all photos so that communications can pull from it more easily for website, emails, etc

13.   Had birthday cake for January/February birthdays

Adjourned: 4:50pm


12/8/13 CF General Member Meeting

Attending: Carlos, Steve, Karen, Ramsey, Al, Janet, Liam, Crosbie, Candance, Dugo, Jacquie, Kara

1.       Intro to new members Candance and Crosbie

2.       Another regular night crew starting on Thursdays, also one on Mondays

3.       Karen suggested an informal monthly soup night, 3rd Thursday of each month, people can come to just eat, or work in forge or just hang out; bring things to add for a meal as you see fit.

4.       Thank yous: Carlos wanted to extend thank yous to everyone who has been pitching in for the forge.

a.       Big kudos to Val and Alison for the wonderful fixing up of the office and craft room in particular!

b.      If you know of something someone has done for the forge please let Carlos know

5.       Holiday party at Val and Jim’s Sunday Dec. 15th at 3pm onward; bring food according to list Val sent out

a.       Last names with letters A- D Bring these things:

                                                               i.      finger foods, appetizers, stuff to walk around with in hands….

b.      Last names with letters E-P bring a main dish or salad of veggie or meat

c.       Last names with letters Q-T bring drinks or juice or something to put in a glass that swishes a bit…can be old-fashioned and green, like a jug or bowl with cups like we used to…I have Sharpies…

d.      U-Z bring a dessert or candy-

e.      Jim and I will have something BBQued and a few bottles of wine to sample and a few other delectables and we also have running water, cutlery, napkins, and space

6.       Committee Reports- to be done each member meeting- what’s been accomplished, what’s being done, what are future plans:

a.       PR/Communications- Kara reporting: will be meeting on Thursday to get group going, and pick a lead. New team is Candace, Crosbie, Jacquie and Ramsey

b.      Infrastructure – Carlos reporting about orange caution screen we have for top shelves, needs to be installed

c.       Workshop dev/support – looking at creating classes in series to ease administration of workshops

                                                               i.      Each workshop should have Facilitator’s worksheet done for it

                                                             ii.      Start to list who facilitators are on workshop signup sheets

                                                            iii.      Candace/Crosbie want to do pottery workshops and will get with this group to organize

                                                           iv.      Suggest MYM night for any workshop that has not been done publicly  before

v.      REMINDER TO MEMBERS- sign up for public workshops just like public does, follow instructions

d.      Membership – Karen reporting that most new member binders are done, just a couple things need to be created for them

i.      Still need to get buddy’s for some new members

7.       Financial report – Carlos – changing ‘dues’ to ‘rent’ to highlight that the funds are needed each month and to encourage timely payment

a.       Looking into how to take monthly payment from members

b.      Want to discourage cash payments as this is more labor intensive for treasurer and less clear

c.       Encourage folks to pay thru paypal

8.       Carlos sent sheet around about how outside facilitators are paid vs. member/artist facilitator:

a.       If it’s a professional facilitator: they get 60%, forge gets 40%

b.      Member/artists: they get 20% or $50 to go towards their rent, or equipment they want etc.

c.       For professionals all attendees must sign ‘non-compete’ clause

9.       Board nominations – send Carlos your nominations

a.       Time schedule: Receive names of candidates by December 15th vote on January 5th first new board meeting on January 26th 2014.

10.   Canceling this month’s board and member meeting, meet up again in January – though workgroups still meet esp. if they haven’t in awhile.


CF General Member meeting 9/28/13, 3pm

Attending: Al, Ali, Ron, Liam, Carlos, Morgana, John, Yvon, Annie, Jeff, Sharon, Karen, Ramsey, Kathy, Eric, Dugo, Kara, Valerie, Janet, Bhakti, Guilia
Absent: Glenn, Robin, Tristan, Steve, Therese, Alex, Brad

  1. New members introductions: Eric, Dugo, Al, Annie, Karen, Ramsey
  2. Infrastructure update-Ron:
    1. Additional kiln to be hooked up soon
    2. Personal storage bins: we need to consolidate bin space, everyone needs to have 1 bin on a shelf, not a full shelf. If you have a full shelf at the moment please consolidate your stuff to one bin by Oct. 6th. Thank you!
    3. Call Ron if you’re not sure where something goes.
    4. Do not bring things in and just drop off in space, infrastructure needs to know so appropriate space can be found. If you need space for something, consult with Infrastructure group so they have time to canvas all to gauge interest.
    5. Infrastructure needs your help in helping with spaces; for example, if you are into fiber/sewing and want room improved, let them know what/how they can help.
    6. Label, label, label! Label your materials and projects with enough info so that others can get ahold of you if need be, and so your materials will not be used as common materials. If its not labeled, it’s fair game.
    7. Karen can teach sewing
    8. Would like to create ad hoc groups to address different areas that need improving. Ron will come up with list of areas next week, then have folks volunteer. Take before and after shots so we can celebrate!
    9. Tool help: would like help to organize tools better, maybe use French cleat system, label
    10. Ramsey brought up fact that wood area ideally needs an enclosure… to be discussed more later in infrastructure
    11. If you want to be a certifier, let Liam know (Al volunteered)
    12. Workshops:
      1. 15 flyers to date with signups
      2. Who is interested in learning how to do a workshop? Guilia, Yvon, John, Karen, Ramsey, Annie, Bhakti, Morgana, Al, Eric, janet, Jeff, Sharon, Kara
      3. Funding the Forge
        1. Will vote later on this, but think about:

i.      Dividing expenses by number of members so that this is covered and there is less urgency on workshops or fundraisers (at current number subscription would rise to $59/month; as numbers group it would change again to less, but not less than $50/month)

ii.      2 tiered membership: those who cannot fulfill volunteer hours would pay $100/month; others stay at $50. Do not know how this would play out with expenses but would help, not sure how it plays out for supporting forge activities.

iii.      Liam made a point that this is a major hobby, being in the forge, rather than a light hobby.

iv.      John suggested we make things in the forge to sell for supporting it.

  1. Beware the Chair update:
    1. Rocking Chair will be in Open Studio Tour where we will continue raffle for it. We want to sell 50 minimum, though could sell more. At 50 or more sold we’ll pick winner.
    2. Other chairs we will see if we can place at coffee houses, which will provide great exposure and advertisement for the forge. Also getting our creations out to the public! Will also add a ‘buy it now’ price as well.
    3. Valerie and Janet will contact businesses
    4. Will do a MYM night to debrief on the project, lessons learned etc.
    5. Next group project? Art Lamp Hacking
      1. Group in random pairings (though we wouldn’t have 2 newbies together for example)
      2. Corisa of Greenlight agrees to place vetted chairs in her store and do a 3 way split if sold (greenlight/creater/forge)
      3. People who have lamp ideas already: kara, Morgana, Kathy, Karen, John, Guilia
      4. MYM discussion and calendar sent around for signups; many options from mini workshops, demos, movie nights, information nights… if workshop and you want help get with Workshop dev. Group.
      5. Treasurer report:
        1. Have about $1500 in bank going in to October, some dues still coming in. aiming to create more buffer going forward.
        2. Non profit status may be known by Nov. 4th.
        3. Would love someone to research joing eScrip for forge.
        4. Halloween Parade/art walk-Morgana:
          1. Artwalk asked us to bring eagle cycle, will be there at Callanan Park oct. 4th.

i.      Perhaps have public do some hands on, and help add dragon scales to cycle for Halloween parade.

ii.      We’re in the parade on the 31st, at 6pm

iii.      Transforming cycle to dragon per ‘Game of Thrones’ aesthetic

  1. 2 dates for costume creating on calendar; leather, fur, can be simple or complex as you want

iv.      Interested parties: Val, Annie, Jeff, Janet, Kathy, Guilia (sewing)

  1. Membership (Morgana reporting):
    1. Besides member info board, a form was sent around to gather everyone’s skills, interests, projects, etc. To be updated regularly
    2. Annie being added to membership group
    3. Dugo to infrastructure
    4. Karen to Workshop support
    5. Public Art – create bicycle stand for SummerThymes Bakery
      1. They want a public bikerack, we are still getting the details
      2. Voluntary, ad hoc group to form for this, workshops can come out of it
      3. A lot of interest – Liam to send email
      4. Aesthetic coordinator – Valerie!
        1. New role for now, will need one more person and budget
        2. She’s already done a great job improving the space in this way and will take input from all to continue to do so and add other voices; if you want to instigate something do so and get with Val on it
        3. Open House this coming Thursday!
        4. Reminder that all are welcome at board meetings.

Adjourned 4:30


CF General Meeting Minutes of September 1, 2013

Kara called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m.

Present:  Kara, Kathy, Tristan, Bhakti, Morgana, Janet, Valerie, and Therese

Absent: Carlos, Alison, Ron, Glenn, Jeff, Sharon, Michelle, John, Liam, Eric, Alex, Cathe, Chris, Guilia, Robin, Steve, and Yvonne

Chair competition – Kara clarified that due to time constraints of making a clay piece for each chair, an already made piece can be used.  Valerie suggested that we have a Beware of the Chair Part 2 with more time to make it.  Kara suggested that we have a bi-annual or annual competition.

Valerie suggested that we postpone the open house because we are not ready for it.  Discussion ensued.  Kara will send out a survey regarding changing the date from September 14 to September 21.  Janet and Tristan agreed to make the flyers.

Janet volunteered to house the Shamancycle at her 10-acre residence.

Valerie donated the $15 entry fee for a Curious Forge table at the Friday Art Walk from 5 pm to 9 pm

Morgana gave a $35 check for the entry fee and applicaton form to Jeff for the Shamancycle to be in the Halloween parade.  She suggested that it be turned into a dragon from the theme of Game of Thrones.  Morgana suggested workshop(s) for forgers to make the dragon and blue dragon costumes.  Kara asked Morgana to spearhead the workshop(s).

Kara asked and got volunteers for our open house on Thursday, September 4.

It was suggested that smaller bumper stickers be made and that we get a quote from Real Graphics the next time that we order them.

Kara reminded everyone to park only in number 5 parking stalls..

Morgana suggested that members put in an extra $10 or so to buy extra materials needed at the forge.

Kara will add the resource list to the website that includes a 20 percent discount at Black Bart and Hills Flat.

Meeting adourned at 3:45 p.m.



CALL TO ORDER.Carlos called the meeting to order at 6:16 p.m. at the Curious Forge.

Present:  Alison, Eric, Jeff, Kara, Liam, Morgana, Ron, Therese and President Carlos

Absent: Alex, Bhakti, Cathe, Chris, Glenn, Guilia, Janet, John, Kathy, Michelle, Robin, Sharon, Steve, Valerie, and Yvonne

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS.  New member Morgana introduced herself.

MEMBER OF THE MONTH. The Member of the Month of July – Valerie Stuart – was tabled to August so that she could be in attendance.

MINUTES. Therese read the Minutes of June 30, 2013 into the record.  The Minutes were amended and approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT.  Alison reported that there is ~$1,100 in the bank and that most of it is from the advance payment of dues.  She stated that ~$2,000 was spent on infrastructure for the new building and is owed to Kara and Liam.  The IRS has cashed our check for the filing of non-profit status but we have not heard back from them.  She has the expense report if anyone is interested in seeing it.  We need to raise funds.

FUNDRAISING. Discussion ensued regarding fundraising activities. Morgana suggested that we hold an art auction of member’s art pieces. Carlos stated that an art auction was held once before and was successful.  An art auction is planned for the Grand Re-opening.  It was suggested that it be a silent auction. Jeff suggested that we inform members in the upcoming newsletter so that they can start making items for the auction.

Carlos stated that once we obtain nonprofit status, we can get escrip and other ways to raise money.  In the meantime we need to figure out how to raise money. All ideas are welcome.


Liam stated that we need video to make a kickstart video. Jeff asked everyone to remind him to video in addition to taking pictures when they see him.

ADDING MONEY TO MONTHLY DUES FOR EQUIPMENT PURCHASES OR TO PAY OFF BALANCES. Carlos stated that there are a lot of stuff that we would like to get for our new space such as a couple swamp coolers, a roof over the clay room, a new lathe, new tools, etc. but we need to find a way to pay for it.

Morgana suggested that we ask individuals to donate money for a specific piece of equipment and offered to make fundraising thermometers to chart progress.

Liam stated that we currently have 25 members and will stop at 30.  Workshops, such as MIG welding, felting, and the upcoming woodturning ones are supplementing the lack of funds needed until we attain full membership. He stated that the interview process makes sure that the right members are found.  We need to come up with a list of needed items with estimated costs and likes the idea of making a thermometer for each item.  If members really want a piece of equipment they should bring it to the attention of the membership at a general meeting or to the attention of the Board at a Board meeting.


Discussion ensued regarding asking members to be facilitators for public workshops and in-house meet your maker events.  Doing a meet your maker event can make you comfortable enough to be a facilitator for a public workshop.  Jeff stated that he has been asked to do a knot class.  A felting class was recently held and attended by the public. You can also produce a workshop by having someone from the outside do it.  A fee needs to be determined for each workshop.  Right now facilitators are compensated 10% toward their monthly dues or piece of equipment.

It was decided by the membership present that facilitators would be compensated 10% or at a minimum one month of dues ($50).

REQUESTS FOR HELP FROM THE OUTSIDE. Discussion ensued regarding if we want to support requests for help from the outside. The request would go to the Board who would get detailed information for the job. The Board would determine if it meets the criteria of the forge by being innovative, creative, or whimsical as well as determine how the forge would benefit. The request would then be sent out to the membership to see if anyone is interested in doing it.  The Board would then inform the person of our decision to do it or not. It was decided that requests should be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Carlos asked that the wish list be put on the website.

COMMITTEE REPORTS. Carlos would like committee leaders to give a monthly report at each General Meeting.

Liam asked that no material, equipment, and/or stuff be left outside the building.

Ron gave a report for the infrastructure committee.  He stated that the metal area is usable.  We need to get a new wall plug for the air plasma torch before it can be used. We need to clear the center of the space.  Ron is trying to get the area functional so that we can set up the wood area.  In response to Ron regarding how to approach making changes and moving ahead with the changes, he was advised that if it’s not a big change to just do it and if it’s a major change to ask the Board.

Liam wanted to formally recognize Ron, Kara, Steve, Valerie, and Jeff for their hard work during the move as well as set up of the space.  They were available anytime they were called and went beyond the call of duty.

The Open House is Thursday, August 1.  The Gold Country Burners will attend.  At least 6 to 8 members are needed for each open house.

The Grand Re-Opening date was set for Saturday, September 14, from 3 pm to 7 pm.  Therese will contact Hap Hazard at KVMR to interview Kara regarding the upcoming event.

WOODTURNING WORKSHOPS FOR MEMBERS.  Carlos will send out an email to members for a beginner workshop and a beginner/intermediate workshop.  The beginner workshop is for members with no experience or tools.  The beginner/intermediate workshop is for members with some knowledge and tools if they have them.

NEWSLETTER.  Reminder to members to send newsletter items to Kathy by the 5th of every month.

BLOG.  See Jeff at any of the Shamancycle Build and Design workdays (Tuesday/Thursday 6pm to 8pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm) for a 10-minute lesson on how to blog.

Meeting adjourned at 7:26 pm

CF General Meeting June 30, 2013 Minutes

CF General Meeting of June 30, 2013 Minutes

3:00 p.m. at The Curious Forge, 12400 Loma Rica, GV

Present: Carlos, Valerie, Alison, Ron, Glenn, Kara, Jeff, Kathy, Sharon, Michelle, John, Liam, Therese, and new member Eric Potter

Absent: Alex, Cathe, Chris N., Corisa, Guilia, Janet, Robin, Steve, and Yvonne

Alison gave a financial report stating that she has written a check for ~$800 for the filing of non-profit status for the Forge.  There is ~$2,000 in the bank.

Forge members won “best costume” at the Soap Box Derby on June 22 and were presented a metal trophy.

Kathy is preparing the newsletter and is requesting that newsworthy information such as maker events, sale events, resources, highlight equipment, etc. be sent to her as it happens.

Discussion ensued regarding what makes up volunteer time.  Volunteer time may be helping with moving, maintenance work, concession help, cleaning, being a board member, bathroom duty, laundry, garbage pickup, picture taking, note taking, attending committee/board/general meetings, committee work, store runs: basically anything to do with The Forge other than you personally making things.  In that vain, Glenn volunteered for “bathroom duty” for a month.

Liam is looking for certifiers of equipment.

Valerie will continue to put information on the member board.  There is a new white board that members may write notes and/or information on as needed.

Kara stated that we are no longer using google docs.  All direct information will be on the website.  See Kara for website and Jeff to learn how to blog.

Carlos thanked Ron for taking over leadership of the Infrastructure Committee (IC). Remember to ask the IC for expertise and/or stuff that may be needed.

Feel free to take charge of organizing an area of the new space that you are interested in.

Liam stated that we have 8 parking stalls.  We are looking into having access to the Internet with a neighbor. The top ten priorities have been determined.  One of them is to build a load-bearing roof on the clay room.

The wish list will be posted on the website.  Get the word out for items needed.

Liam asked members who have equipment loaned to the Forge to sign a lease agreement for which the Forge will pay you $1 per year.  This way we will be able to keep track of who owns what so that it may be returned to them.

Carlos stated that the Bylaws are on the website.

Workshops will be scheduled after we get set up and running.

We are looking into insurance requirements before starting woodwork.

Kathy informed the group of upcoming Art Walks where members could sell stuff.  Members were encouraged to add a link to their website from the Forge website.

It was determined that a Grand Opening date would tentatively be set for the second weekend in September.

Carlos introduced Kara Asilanis as Member of the Month of June.

Liam suggested that “angel points” be given to members in recognition of things that they do.  Possibly 20 points per month could be given and put on the white board.

Ron asked for a moment of silence to send healing energy to Yvonne and her husband.

Jeff invited members to contact him and/or Phoebe this week to discuss ideas for the Shamancycle as she will be in town.

Liam thanked everyone who helped with “the move.”  He stated that the office area would be like a showroom where items may be sold.

Meeting adjourned at 3:41 p.m.


CF General Meeting of June 2, 2013 Minutes

6:03 p.m. at The Forge

Present: Ron, Jeff, Carlos, Kara, Valerie, Alison, Kathy, Yvonne, Glenn, Guilia, Robin, John, Michelle, Janet, Steve, Liam, and Therese

Absent: Alex, Cathe, Chris C., Chris N., Corisa, and Sharon

Carlos stated that he should be finished with the Bylaws in a couple of weeks and will file the paperwork for nonprofit status of the Forge.  Once we obtain nonprofit status, the Forge will be able to serve liquor as a fundraising activity.

The Minutes of the CF General Meeting of April 28, 2013 were approved as submitted.

Carlos reported that the Financial Statement through December 2013, with the current number of members at 23, shows a deficit of $226, however, 5 potential members will be interviewed in the near future.

A lengthy discussion ensued regarding prospective new locations for the Forge. Liam stated that approximately 20 different sites had been considered and ruled out.  He thanked Ron and Steve for their help in locating prospective buildings.  Pictures were shown of various buildings on Spring Hill Street, Whispering Pines, and Grass Valley Avenue.  The favored location is a Barn structure on Grass Valley Avenue off of Loma Rica.  Although there will probably be snow days when the barn may be unaccessible, the site is favorable because it includes approximately 400 s.f. of office space, 4500 s.f. of warehouse space, a covered porch, and approximately 70 ft. of front yard.  The owner has agreed to insulate it, add facing, and heaters.  We will need to add a swamp cooler and windows.  We can paint it and sign it.  There are lots of parking and outside storage.  At 30 cents per s.f., we can afford the $1400 per month with annual increases tied to the consumer price index.  Pros and cons were discussed regarding installation of a wood burning stove vs. the use of propane.  The landlord will install a propane tank but we would purchase the propane.

Motion by Glenn, seconded by Steve, and carried unanimously by 17 members present, to lease the Barn structure on Grass Valley Avenue in the Loma Rica area.

Carlos asked for a 6-month commitment from members and all members present agreed.

Discussion ensued regarding the reorganization of membership including two or more tiered membership options for members who cannot do volunteer time.  Membership options will be discussed in more detail at a later date.

Members were encouraged to contact a Board member (Carlos, Kara, Kathy, Liam or Alison) if they have any monetary or volunteer time issues so that options can be worked out.

Jeff stated that we are 3 weeks away from the Soap Box Derby and asked for a commitment from members.  Liam committed to be driver on June 22 with Kara, Kathy, Janet, John, Jeff, and Ron assisting.  Ron will test drive on June 9.

Jeff stated that the milling machine is working.  He installed a yellow can by the mill for solvent and oil rags.  Use it because they are flammable. The metal band saw is up and running.  See Jeff to be certified on both pieces of equipment.

Jeff reported that the US Sewing Machine Company is out of business and is getting rid of their sewing machine inventory.  See Jeff if interested.

Jeff reported that the Shamancycle is 70% funded.  He will be using the milling machine on the Shamancycle all week.

Happy Birthday brownies were shared for Liam’s birthday on June 3rd.

Carlos introduced Jeff Carver as Member of the Month.

Carlos stated that more information for members will be on the members section of the website.  The password is forgemember.  All members are invited to Board meetings.

Talk to Jeff if members want to learn how to blog on the website.  Send emails to both Jeff’s work and home.

Valerie reported that Glenn is finishing up membership goodie bags.  She is strengthening the Member Board and making sure that every member is on a committee.

All members are encouraged to attend the next Open House on Thursday, June 6, at 6 p.m.

The Open House in July is cancelled due to the 4th of July.

Raffle tickets and prizes were distributed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Therese

CF General Member Meeting 4/28/13 at the Forge.

Present: Liam, Kara, Kathy, Steve, Valerie, Glenn, Yvonne, Sharon, Jeff, Robin, and Therese

Absent: Corisa, Alex, Michelle, Cathe, Chris C., John, Carlos, Ron, Janet, Chris N., Tatiana, and Alison

Kara reported that the Inventing 101 class with Hari was very successful and attended by 19 people.

Jeff brought the soap box to the Home Show.  Members are needed to do some cosmetic work on the soap box for the June 22 Soap Box Derby.  A crew is also needed.  See Jeff.

Jeff asked Forge members to sign up to work on various design segments of the Shamancycle.  Many workshops will come out of designing it including electrical, mechanical, wire, solar, led’s, etc.  He stated that a kick  starter video has been made.

Kara gave a financial update.  She stated that $1,000 was made from the last two classes and that $3,000 is in the bank.  Reimbursement checks are in the blue folder.

Liam stated that we will be vacating our current forge building sometime in June.  He thanked Steve and Ron for their help in finding prospective buildings.  They include a 4,000 sq. ft. building with mezzanine across from Peaceful Valley as well as a 2,200 sq. ft. building down the street; a 5,000 sq. ft. “funky” building on 4.5 acres on Railroad in Nevada City; a 3,000 sq. ft. building at Spring Hill and Idaho-Maryland with a parking issue as well as a 3,000 sq. ft. office condo with lots of parking and a lease to own option.  He will set up tours of the locations.  Glenn suggested that a fact sheet for each site be prepared for Forge members to refer to during the tour.

Jeff demonstrated a magnetic sweeper that he recently purchased.  He also donated dremel bits that he had.

Valerie is finishing up the member board.  She will add member certifications and board positions where appropriate.  If you haven’t had your picture taken yet by Jeff, please do so. She reported that the membership meeting club meets Monday nights around 6ish.  They are working on goody bags for new members.  She urges members to use google docs.  The membership committee is looking for new members.

Liam will be certifying Therese as a certifier for the Air Plasma Torch.  The first class will be on Sunday, May 5, from 3 to 4 pm.  Other days and times will also be scheduled.  Liam urges all members to be certifiers on the different pieces of Forge equipment.  Talk to Liam if you are willing to do so.

Jeff urges all Forge members to use the website.  He invited Forge members to contact him for instruction on how to fill out the calendar, blog, etc.

Therese will be the new coordinator hub for work groups tracking action items, contact information, and dates.  Please send your committee minutes to her or email action items with contact information and dates.  Email

Jeff informed members that they can merge their google calendar with the Forge website calendar.

Discussion ensued about how to get kids involved in the Forge.

Liam stated that we need a script and actors for a kick start video for The Forge.

Glenn stated that we cannot serve alcohol at Paul Emery’s Leonard Cohen concert on May 10 and 11.  He suggested that we partner with the Nevada Theatre Commission who is able to do so and take a percentage of the proceeds.  Robin passed around a signup sheet for both nights setting up, selling food/drinks, meet/greet, cleanup, etc.  Will need flyers, posters, and Curious cards.

See Glenn about passes to the MakersFair in San Mateo on May 18 and 19.

Glenn stated that Tatiana will have another Twitter demonstration.  Sign up for push notification to get Tweets from The Forge

A duty sign up sheet was passed around for the Open House this Thursday, May 2.  Don’t forget to come at 6 pm.

Ron and Jeff got the Industrial Sewing Machine working.  Ron is the certifier on it.

Meeting ended at 7:20 p.m.



CF general member meeting 3/3/13

Attending: Jeff, Glenn, John, Carlos, Kara, Michelle, Valerie, Kathy, Corisa, Sharon, Tatiana, Alison, Liam

  1. Met at 1415 Whispering Pines Grass Valley, CA:  a potential space, one of a few being looked at.
  2. Rent due date changed to the 15th of each month, beginning March 15th; to insure rent is on had when due each month. May ask for 6 months commitment from new members and 2 month notice before leaving to help with finances.
  3. Interviews for new members ongoing, good candidates!
  4. Occupy Nights become Meet Your Maker (guidelines passed around)
    1. Discussion re: this as some felt more pressure to perform. Want to encourage this as it’s a way to grow and share but really only looking at doing this once per quarter or less per person(depending on size of membership)and that guidelines are there to help not make rigid.
    2. Workshops – a number of ones in the works as we get good members from them and they are part of our public charter, that said, looking at one per month so that workshop group isn’t overwhelmed. Looking to expand that group to more easily support workshops.
      1. Some in the works: EL wire, arduino, fiberglass molding, wire art, garden art, mold making, art bike, wet felting, clay…
      2. Passed around sheet of these to choose top 3 and set priority
      3. Members will be first to fill these and if there is space, invite public
      4. Going forward get a volunteer to handling registration per workshop
      5. Financial report from Alison, attached.
      6. Carlos – remind people to log community hours on sign in sheet, even things you do at home that are for the forge (cookie baking, etc)
        1. Purpose of sign in sheet is to acknowledge contributions and if someone isn’t coming in have Membership group check in and see if there is anything that is needed
        2. Carlos to send out latest results
        3. Board changes: Liam nominated Carlos as next president, and Tatiana as new member. Voting to happen at next meeting. Anyone can nominate someone, or put hat in ring. Please contact a board member. Alison also joins board as Treasurer. Possibly asking for outside person as well
        4. Appreciations for anniversary party and how far we’ve come, now into toddler stage!
        5. Communications: reminder to send group emails to kara unless time sensitive; and do not ‘reply all’ unless necessary, reply to individuals. Also change subject line if subject changing.
        6. Need PR person to take over postings Terry did – Michelle volunteered and will get with Kara to learn this.
        7. Open House purpose: meet public, show projects. Sign in sheet passed around to make sure folks signed up to make space ready and be there for public
        8. MiR – Yvon new Maker In Residence. Will be creating what she will do in space.
        9. Committee reports:
          1. Workshop support: Sharon asking for more support to have more people be able to do this
          2. Membership: will meet with board to ramp up how to bring members in esp. since we will have a number coming in soon. will ask from group who is willing to mentor new members.
          3. Infrastructure: has not met recently. Asked them to take on task of getting OxyPropane torch up and running
          4. PR: Tatiana doing graphic work, Michelle to take on postings
          5. Tour of space, pros, cons, ideas….
          6. Cake for John, happy birthday!