New Member Orientation Checklist and FAQ:

  1. Sign release form
  2. $100 initiation fee and first month’s rent
  3. Have them read/sign member agreement/we keep in office files
  4. When can I use the space?

–            All times except during workshops or MYM nights (check calendar/talk about website)

  1. Show how to turn on lights/electrical at breaker box/how to run heater
  2. Show where office files are, where file cabinet is
  3. Show sign in sheet and explain signing in to work or logging community hours
  4. Show first aid kit, fire extinguishers and eye wash station.
  5. Green bins – labeled with a persons name or ‘free for all’ or ‘common use’ (if in doubt find out before using anything, call a board member *give list of board member names and numbers)
  6. Give them Curious Cards, encourage them to distribute
  7. What if project is big? What’s appropriate?

–            Discuss with membership before proceeding, also LABEL with name and contact number so people can call if there is   a problem with it

–            Projects that are unique, innovative, creative, non-commercial (as in manufacturing)

  1. What if machine is down, not working?

–            Label it, with your name on it, fill out an index card and call Ron (infrastructure lead)

  1. How do I get certified – *check on website for certifiers per equipment, if not there ask a board member (MIG, flux core, twister, plasma torch, cut off saw, grinders, drill press, glass kiln, clay kiln…)
  2. Personal space – for your own tools, gloves, parts etc. Can use one shelf. Nothing flammable! (use refrigerator)
  3. Kitchen area/food – be conscientious of unpleasant food odors, clean up after self
  4. How clean to leave space?

–            All scraps cleared away, cleaned up

–            Tools put away

–            Sweep if necessary

–            Basically leave space nice for those coming in after

–            Take your trash out

  1. What materials can I use?

–            *Common stuff needs to be labeled (Ron, Infrastructure?)

  1. How to bring in equipment?

–            Go to infrastructure group (Ron to start), they will vet

–            *Criteria needs to be written up: we are community cooperative forge with limited space, some things may need to be voted on

  1. Locking up procedures

–            Signing out

–            Checking that things are cleaned, put away, turned off (ac/heat too)

–            Turn off lights

–            LOCK DOOR

  1. What if non-member shows up?

–            Talk to them, give them info, tell about open house, have them sign email list

–            Do NOT let them walk around by themselves

  1. What about guests?

–            Current agreement you can have 2 guests at a time no more than 4 times/month (they cannot operate tools)

  1. Tell about newsletter and its purpose (group communications and information, to cut down on emails..)

–            Have them send info on themselves, introduction to Kathy

  1. Code is 54690
  2. Show website and member section especially/show FB page
  3. Which committee to join, or, if we have a need ask them to consider it (ex: we need more on Workshop support currently. Go over purpose of all committees)
  4. Show where member applications are
  5. Show where blue folder is for putting in rent or reimbursement requests, let them know Alison is Treasurer
  6. When are open houses? (first Thursday of the month, encourage participation regularly in these)
  7. What are Meet Your Maker nights?

–            Nights where we share skills, a passion, an idea, a project, give a workshop, present a movie….

  1. When are member meetings held (Sunday before the open houses)?
  2. What discounts can members get? 40% of public workshops; discounts at Black Bart and Hills Flat (20%)
  3. What if I am stuck and have a question?

–            Ask any member but always you can ask any board member to start


This is information about volunteer time for work groups.  This was written by Liam, Valerie and Steve.

Volunteer Time for Work Groups

All organizations need TLC to operate effectively, safely and to thrive.  Your volunteer time enables Forge members to flourish.  We have all committed to supporting the Forge 6 hours per month.

Our designated work groups are the primary way of volunteering our time. Volunteer time on work groups includes any time your working on your work group’s goals, whether the volunteer time is in the forge or not.  Please be sure to annotate all volunteer efforts in the log by indicating the volunteer activity and time.  If the work is done outside the forge, then please remember to indicate it on the log.  We want to celebrate everyone’s contribution.

After work group time, any additional volunteer time, can be gifted to the forge including:

111) Special events volunteering

1) 2) Facilitating and supporting workshops

3) 3) Any other support you want to gift the forge.  Such as:

  1. Community events, forge events like the open house.
  2. Working on other workgroups.
  3. Producing events or workshops.
  4. Meet your maker nights.
  5. Liaison-ing with other maker or community groups
  6. Obtaining materials and equipment.
  7. General maintenance and organization around the forge.

The primary focus is always your work group activities, which keeps the Forge functioning.