Payment Options Include:

Checks- Use envelopes (provided in Treasurer drawer in Office file drawer….mark what it is for, payment, reimbursement request, etc.) and place in slot on box on top of office file cabinet, for Treasurer to pick up.

Cash- Please drop in an envelope with your NAME and MONTH you are paying for, at above destination.

There are 2 ways you can use Paypal to pay your membership monthly dues:

1.  Log into YOUR PayPal account, and:

  • click on “Send Money” & under “to” put “”  (note include “the” in the email–I tried “” but it did not work).
  • (important:) please choose “sending to family or friends“.  If you don’t choose this Paypal will charge to make a payment from your bank or PP account.
  • there is a space at bottom to send message to receiver – I think this comes up only when you choose family or friends – please note “June dues” or something…

Again, transferring $$  from your bank account or your PayPal account balance is free ONLY if you transfer funds as noted above and use the Friends & Family option.

In either case if you use a credit card, there is a fee for this. It’s of course fine to use a credit card but if you do, please toss in a little extra for the fee so this does not build up for the little budget at the Forge (1.75 per $50 to be exact if you use method #1 above…if you click the link on the website it is 1.80, oddly).

2.  Use this Paypal Dropdown Menu to choose a payment option:


Use the Subscribe button to pay your monthly dues. PLEASE NOTE:  The Forge appreciates the online option! It saves on trips to the Forge and the Bank, however,  the Forge accepts the payment method that is best for you.

Many thanks!