Stencils on the fly


This morning, after I dropped my kid off at school, I had a half hour to fill before my hula hoop class. I swung by the food store and found that I was too early, it wasn’t open. What to do at 8:30am?

I spun around the turnabout on East Main and turned into the Forge parking lot. It would only take me a few minutes to grab a shirt and a stencil and make some wearable art.

At the Forge we have a stack of stencils that I and others have cut over the past few weeks, and I left a bunch of plain boring shirts on site that I plan to decorate.

Stopping by the Forge to paint a shirt in the midst of a busy schedule is one way to integrate The Curious Forge into my daily life. A quick and easy stencil makes it simple to get results and feel the satisfaction of having completed a creative project.

When you stencil, remember to thoroughly cover the area around the stencil with newspaper, as paint will drift when you spray it. Keep a light touch with the paint. If you bear down too much in one spot with the spray, it will spread and blur the edges of your design. Give the stencil paper time to dry afterwards. Wait until the next day before stacking it with the other stencils, or they may stick together.

Members, please keep cutting new stencils to add to the stunning collection that we have already created at The Forge. They can be used to decorate all sorts of projects, and they only take a few minutes to apply.

I made it to hoop class on time and I’ve got a beautiful new-old shirt to wear.

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