The Shamancycle build has started!

trusssI spent this weekend building the trusses for the Shamancycle. The abrasive cutoff saw area was expanded a bit and the roller table was moved into a location that long material can be placed to feed material into the cutoff saw. The long pieces of 2″ x 2″ square steel tubing were cut to the various lengths needed.

The various pieces were assembled on top of the two workmate-like folding tables stored above the cutoff saw and tacked together. After re-checking the squareness of the truss (think of a ladder) I found that it wasn’t right. I changed the blade on one of the angle grinders to a cut-off blade and cut through the tack welds. I then set it up properly, tacked it, and checked it again. Then I proceeded to weld it all up. Thanks to Yvon for taking the picture on Saturday!

On Sunday morning I came in and did the same thing to the second truss, but without goofing it up this time.

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