The wheels are turning on the Shamancycle!


Well, figuratively anyway. As I posted on Facebook, Phoebe LeGere is holding a Kickstarter launch Party April 9th, unfortunately for us it’s in New York. I responded with a “Maybe” to the invitation anyway!

In anticipation of cutting long pices of steel for the Shamancycle, I’ll be at the Forge this weekend to build a much larger and sturdier table for the cut-off saw. In case you haven’t wandered into the boneyard out back, we have a very sturdy 10 foot long roller of the kind used to move boxes around in a warehouse.

I’m going to cut it in half, place one half on a table, and add roller legs to the other. We have a sturdy rollaround stand for the saw itself to mount it to as well.

Lots of metal cutting, welding, and assembly this weekend! Help is always welcome.

If you haven’t already, look up Phoebe LeGere on YouTube to get a small glimpse of this very interesting person with the vision for this project.

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