What is the Curious Forge?

paint-women-400The Curious Forge is a nonprofit 501(c)3 and LLC MakerSpace located at 13024 Bitney Springs Rd in Nevada City, California. The Curious Forge is a 20,000+ sq/ft space, where members have access to training and a wide variety of over $100,000 in equipment from traditional to advanced. Most of all we re a community of builders, tinkerers, artists and professionals who love to make. Think of it as a artistic, technical and industrial playground.

Mission Statement


What is a Makerspace?

Part of the growing DIY movement, Makers re-use and re-purpose materials to create innovative, practical and whimsical projects. Tools are shared, ideas are brainstormed, and people join in to help each other out.

Don’t know how to use the tools? Don’t know what to make?

That’s where the community comes in! We have workshops to foster ideas and learn how to use the tools. We collaborate on projects such as building a Soap Box Derby car. Basically, if you’ve got the creative bug to make stuff, you’ll get the means to make it happen.


The Curious Forge got its start from a trip to Burning Man. Taken by the collaborative nature of some these astounding art pieces, I wanted to gather people together to make something bigger than an individual. After a visit to Maker Faire in San Mateo in 2011 and seeing all the these makers coming out of the woodwork and some art pieces from Burning Man the goal was clear, get a MakerSpace going in Nevada County.

We met in a small warehouse on East Main in June of 2011. About 20 people showed up and 5 of them believed in the vision of creating a community resource for people to come and make the things they love: Kara Asilanis, Jeff Carver, Terry Shearn, Sharon Almeida, and Yvon Dockter

The group worked hard to create a safe, creative and supportive place.

Since then we have move, grown and molted. Looking forward to what the future will bring.

Liam Ellerby


My personal vision is to be moving down the street and seeing people using new personalized modes of transportation, art-electric-hacked, by people who are wearing clothing and adornments they created or modified in their own strange wonderful ways. Everyday people making, hacking, and personalizing the things that matter to them and bring them joy.


The Forge in the News!

The Curious Forge community is active in supporting each other and the community. We learn, share and collaborate through many activities.

Peer led learning

ad hoc peer skill sharing

Peer led learning through our Meet-Your-Maker nights are a way for members to share skills, techniques and challenges (that are sometimes opened up to the public). It is typically 1 – 2 hours, no cost except for materials

Expert guided workshops

Using member and community expertise, we strive to provide great workshops that are fun and empowering

  • Raku / ceramics
  • Metal Fab / welding
  • Jewelry /Metalsnithing
  • Hacking / upcycling
  • Japanese woodworking
  • Wood turning
  • Electronics

Goup Activities

Group activities create community and creating with people you enjoy and know is a joy

  • Potlucks
  • Field trips
  • Movie nights
  • Meet your maker

Group projects

Group projects allows us to create large projects and give a chance for beginners to learn real world skills while putting their own thumbprint on the world.

Click on these links to find out more:

Skilled Area Guides

Skilled guides in each area are there in each area, one night a week to help with problems, answer questions, orient on equipment

Equipment Safety and  Orientation

Everyone is trained on the safety and operation of all equipment that they use to create their projects 

Community Involvement

Community involvement through event participation and non-profit support

  • Adult down hill derby
  • “Empty bowls”
  • Lyman Gilmore flight Days
  • Shaman Cycle
  • Summer Thyme bike rack
  • “Thinking outside the box” Fundraiser
  • Lyman Gilmore Maker classes

Public Meetups

Meetups create public access to our space and creates a gathering place for people who are passionate 

  • Metal Fabrication – first monday of the month
  • Nerd Night – 2nd wednesday of the month
  • Textile, Ceramic, jewelry and CNC meetups to come

What to do

    1. Visit – Most days or evenings or come out to our open house the first Thursday of every month 6-8pm

    2. Go to our JOIN page for more info  JOIN

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