Workforce Development Program

About The Program:

The Metal Fabrication Training Program at The Curious Forge offers a comprehensive 12-week program tailored for Nevada County residents aspiring to excel in metal fabrication and welding. Developed in collaboration with local fabrication shops, this program not only equips participants with hands-on, project-based learning in metal fabrication but also enriches them with essential workforce skills like safety protocols and effective communication.

Structured for a rigorous yet manageable learning experience, participants are expected to dedicate 10-12 hours weekly in class sessions primarily held on weekends, coupled with a minimum of 3 hours of weekly home study. The curriculum is extensive, covering a range of critical topics such as equipment safety, welding fundamentals (specifically in MIG), materials handling, shop math, blueprint reading, and CNC plasma table operation, among others. This practical and theoretical grounding ensures that participants are well-prepared for the demands of the metal fabrication industry.

Application Period is closed for the next program

Sponsorship for this program is accessible to applicants meeting certain income thresholds, ensuring it supports individuals who can benefit the most from such an opportunity. Ideal candidates are those committed to a career in metal fabrication, possess reliable transportation, and are physically capable for the trade. The program emphasizes not just technical skill acquisition but also the development of soft skills like communication and teamwork, essential for professional growth in this field. Successful completion of the program paves the way for a robust career in metal fabrication, a sector that is integral to numerous industries.