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Tired of the same old field trip options year after year?

Want to maximize your field trip budget with fun, high impact learning?

Ignite your students’ interest in STEAM (and more) with engaging and grade-level appropriate learning that still supports academic and skill standards.

A makerspace provides hands-on, creative ways to encourage learners to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering, art and tinkering. Our field trip modules engage students in work/play/learn

We have 3 options for engaging.

Option #1 –  You are already familiar with the MakerSpace, making and have a lesson of your own prepared. We will support you.

Option #2 –  You would like to schedule a field trip, but would like to use an existing/recommended lesson plan. We have lesson plans to introduce you and your students to the space and technology! We will engage, demonstrate and guide.

Option #3 –  You feel comfortable with creating a lesson, but would like to collaborate on how to best incorporate the technology available at the MakerSpace. We will support and collaborate with you to make a successful field trip.


Hand’s on Fun and Learning

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Projects and Activities

these are only a few of the projects we can offer to stimulate the technical and artistic minds of your students

Metal Madness – Students participate in a metal welding project that includes design, layout, welding and use of a plasma torch. The class take back a sculpture and numerous skills. Recommended ages 12 – 18

Jewelry making – students will learn a number jewelry making skills including embossing, handsaw work, enameling to create a personalized medallion for grades 3-12.

Wearable Electronics – Students learn how to build a simple electronic circuit. Make a custom bracelet or plushie  lit up using LEDs. A fun and fashionable way to learn about electricity! Recommended for grades 4-12

Copper Fold Forming – Students learn about the molecular structure of metal, how annealing works and how controlled distorting can create beautiful shapes. Students come away a bracelet. Recommended for grades 4 -12


  1. I have a specific date in mind. What do I do now? Fill out our form to get your details: Private Group Class
  2. What will the kids get to take home with them at the end of the trip? They will each design and build their project and then leave with their very own creation!
  3. I have a mixed age group of kids. I don’t know which activity would be best for them. Filling out our Private Group Class form is the best way to start the process.
  4. Do you accommodate children with special needs? Lets talk and see how we can make it happen.
  5. I want to bring multiple classes. How do I book that? Give us a call 530-446-2777
  6. How many kids can your Makerspace accommodate? This depends on the area you wish to work in! Fill out our form HERE
  7. How many adult chaperons and teachers can attend? You can have up to 5 adults with your group unless you have an ICT or Special Education classroom and have a higher staff to kid ratio. We would expect and welcome any paras or one-to-ones to attend to help the students as required.
  8. Can we eat lunch at your location? Given the time restraints, we can work it into your trip if necessary.
  9. Do you offer field trips on the weekends? This can sometimes be arranged! Give us a call, 530-446-2777
  10. Your field trips are a bit out of our price range. Do you have any suggestions?  Yes, many schools receive STEM field trip grants through Donor’s Choose. Remember to indicate that there is a deposit required ($50) when filling out your application. Please have checks sent to you directly and bring them on the day of your trip.
  11. What happens if I need to cancel my trip? As long as you give us 2 weeks notice, we will work with you to find another time.  we recommend that you wait to schedule it until you are more confident on the date.