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Workplace Experiences

Stimulate creativity and foster collaboration in your workplace with our unique group experiences at The Curious Forge. Whether you’re looking to celebrate successes, build stronger relationships, or just want to reward your team with a unique treat, we’ve got you covered. With access to a plethora of tools, equipment, and a diverse range of projects, we offer an unparalleled environment for skill-building and knowledge-sharing. Let us curate an experience tailored specifically to your team’s needs and interests, and watch as your team’s communication and camaraderie reach new heights.

Friends & Family

Create lasting memories with friends and family at The Curious Forge. This is the perfect spot for those seeking a distinctive and engaging group activity. With a multitude of projects to choose from, and the flexibility to design an experience specific to your group, every visit promises a new and exciting adventure. Learn together, create together, and grow together, all while having access to an unmatched array of tools, equipment, and community knowledge. Contact us today and let’s craft an unforgettable experience that your group will cherish for years to come.

Some Projects We’ve Done Before:

curious forge group making experience

Raku Magic!

Come experience the magic of firing ceramics the Raku way! Raku firing is an ancient Japanese ceramics technique that has been used for many centuries to create a very unique finish to wares. The Raku technique dates back to the 16th century.

We provide the ready to go pieces, you get to glaze them like you want, texture them, then experience the heat and fire that will create your uniquely designed pieces for you to take home.

This is a fun, relaxed way to spend some time together, bring your favorite beverage and snack while you watch and await to see the magic that will occur.

Limit to 6 participants

Class fee per person: $80 + $25 materials = $105

Build Your Own Bandsaw Box

Look what a bandsaw can do! In this class, you will learn to design, make, and finish a unique wood box.

With an emphasis on tool safety and material exploration, we will use a bandsaw and sanding tools to make boxes.

Beginning with a solid block of wood, you will learn how to lie out, cut, sculpt, and reassemble the block into the form of a box. Suitable for beginning and intermediate students, all materials provided.

Limit to 6 participants

Class fee per person: $80 + $20 materials = $100

Blacksmith Qualification


Ever wanted to do this??

Learn the basics of blacksmithing! This class teaches the fundamental skills needed to forge steel and understand blacksmithing tools.

We will introduce tapering, upsetting, flattening, dishing, and bending of hot steel. Students make small projects, usually starting with a fire poker.

Limit to 6 participants

Class fee per person: $80+ $20 materials = $100


Glass Mosaic Workshop

Using metal switch plate covers, participants will use millefiori, glass and tiles to layout and create a unique switch plate for their house.

Participants will get a brief overview of different types of mosaic possibilities and the components that make up a mosaic.

Participants will learn to cut tiles and shape glass and layout out their design on the switch plate.  After taking a quick pic of the layout, they will transfer the materials off to the side.  Participants will learn about adhesives used in mosaics and after applying some to their plates, they will transfer their design back onto the plate to create a colorful addition for their home.

Limit to 8 participants

Class fee per person: $80 + $20 materials = $100


Laser Cut Your Own LED Light

The laser cutter is one of the most intriguing items to put in your creative tool box. In this class you’ll be creating your own LED light, cutting and etching your acrylic material on the laser cutter.

We’ll have selected designs you can use OR its possible to create your own design.

Come try one of the most cutting edge tools around.

Limit to 6 participants

Class fee per person: $80 + $20 materials = $100

Metal Mania!

Metal classes – stay tuned for more details. Potential classes may include:

  1. Make a Metal Planter
  2. Make Garden Art
  3. Make decorative hooks

Limited to 6 participants

Class fee per person: $80 + $25 materials = $105

Laser Cut Box

Create a great gift or even make it for yourself! Add designs, your name or both onto a box, learn how a laser cutter works and the types of files and materials that can be used.

There are hundreds of free files of designs you can use, or create your own!

Limit to 6 participants

Class fee per person: $80 + $20 materials = $100

Learn To Draw

Kurt Neiderhaus is a well known local artist, and he’ll guide you through drawing exercises to begin getting some chops down! Try your hand at Frottage (using textures to elicit images), which will ease you into drawing beyond the usual techniques.

No experience required!

Limit to 10 participants

Class fee per person: $80 + 10 materials = $90

When was the last time you made something for the FIRST time? Here’s your chance to do it with your tribe.

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