Core Team Members

Meet Our Core Team Members

Our core team members are the heartbeat of the Forge. They infuse the space with passion, dedication, and expertise, ensuring that every corner of our 16 diverse art studios thrives. From the founders, Liam and Kara, who breathe life and energy into the Forge, to the meticulous organization of Nancy, and the tech-savvy wizardry of Andrew and Kian, our team members are the essential backbone that keeps our space moving. Together, they work to oversee volunteers, equip our studios, manage communications, and craft technological solutions that propel us forward. Their unwavering commitment to creating a positive experience for our members and fostering a dynamic environment ensures that The Curious Forge remains a thriving hub of creativity and learning.

Kara Asilanis

Kara, our co-founder, is the welcoming face of The Forge. As the main point of contact, she answers phones and email inquiries, ensuring every member has a positive experience. Kara also ensures that our classes run smoothly and our facilitators are well-prepared. She manages our Forge store and collaborates closely with Nancy to keep our class schedule finely tuned.

Liam Ellerby

Liam, our co-founder, injects energy and excitement into the space. He oversees our dedicated volunteers, ensuring they have all the support they need. Liam is the driving force behind equipping our studios with the latest tools and technology, always envisioning exciting events and programs on the horizon. He also works to develop workforce development programs to raise our community.

Nancy Maldonado

Nancy, the organizational backbone of the space, takes charge of our online class catalog and scheduling. Her work also involves ensuring every class participant has all the information they need before taking the class. Nancy keeps our member databases in order and handles all website communication emails.

Andrew Goode

Andrew collaborates with Kian to develop our website and move it into the modern age. As a dependable tech support resource, he keeps our digital systems running smoothly. Andrew also lends his creative talents to filming engaging Forge videos and implements technological solutions that streamline our processes and push our space forward.

Kian Berreman

 Kian works hand in hand with Andrew to craft our website and digital presence. His work extends to developing online courses and crafting graphic designs for our advertising. Kian shares Andrew’s passion for technological solutions that elevate our makerspace, ensuring a bright future for Forge.