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Our Arts Center, AKA a Makerspace, is similar to a health club in that you get access to the space with your membership. What’s different is that you must complete a qualification class in any area you are interested in, before using that area. So it is recommended that you get a qualification class completed first, then become a member.

Members enjoy the following perks:


In our 16 different areas of making you’ll find almost every kind of machine you’ll need! We’re constantly upgrading and improving our selections.


Our volunteer Area Managers are here to support you! They come in every week at a designated time to be available for questions, to teach qualifications, and to keep the space maintained. Get to know them here.


Become part of a tribe! As you begin to settle into your membership, you’ll make friends and be inspired by the creations surrounding you. We believe this is essential to the art of making.

Membership Options

Membership is 18+

All levels receive ACCESS to The Forge and all equipment AFTER qualification… Have a Question?

  Dues Access to Equipment Expert Guidance Technical & Creative Community Cubicle, Studio, Conference Room Priority Certs, Classes, Events Add Ons
Standard $95     Add Family $70



Contact us to discuss options!
Coworking $95 + Cubicle Extended Hours
Studio Artist Contact us to discuss options!



Up to you!            
Volunteer Free!      

A one-time admin fee of $65 is due upon signup… terms & conditions

Get Started

Step 1: Complete the Membership Application

Complete the following form to help us get to know you and your interests!

Step 2: Select Orientation Date & Pay Admin Fee

The Admin Fee is a $65 charge that covers application review ($40-nonrefundable), and a ($25) refundable key fob deposit. This is not your membership fee – your monthly fee will depend on the membership level you select.  All new members must attend origination, so be sure to select a date you can attend below. If you have plans to complete a large product, you may be interested in purchasing additional storage space. (PS-orientation is not for exploring the Forge, call for a tour to do that, coming to orientation is for when you are ready to join.)

Click here to select an orientation date & pay the admin fee, after completing the application.

Step 3: Become Qualified on Equipment

In order to use equipment at the Forge, you must become qualified. Sign up for an equipment qualification course, so that you’re all ready to go before your membership starts!


How can I add a family member?

What classes and qualifications are available?

What cubicles/studios are available?

What does my membership fee cover?

What equipment does The Forge have?

What guidance and support are available?

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