Our Volunteer Program

The Curious Forge relies on the enthusiasm, energy and commitment of  our volunteers — artists, handymen, tinkerers and techies to enhance the experience for our members, non-profit organizations, youth programs … the whole community !

Through the Forging Nevada County Forward nonprofit, which supports the Forge by providing volunteers, become one of the valued volunteers who brings their passion and professionalism to the community through the opportunities offered at The Curious Forge. Our volunteers reflect our community and come from all walks and stages of life, ages and experiences.  No previous experience is required for some of our volunteer positions and for others, experienced artisans, techies and retirees can join an amazing team truly making a difference in people lives.

Studio Guide

We have 15 different studio run by an amazing team of artisans, builders and techies. If you have passion and skills that you want to share, let us support you in bringing them to the community with opportunities to host skill shares, workshops, exhibits and one-on-ones.

Space Support

With 20,000 sq/ft, 15 studios, and 200 members, we need a variety of skills to grow the space, from administrative assistant, web wrangler, techies to event producer… if you have skills and time to gift, come see us about putting your thumbprint on the community.

Specialty Role

All the activity at the space needs coordination, tracking, and communication. If you have time to spare, a love of supporting creatives, and have good attention to detail, the community needs you!

Events Support

We want to bring fun, excitement and first time experiences to our community. We have hosted events like “Hot Metal, Cold Beer”, numerous open houses, challenges and other activities… Be a part of the largest creative space in the region and help us bring excitement and engagement to the community


  • You are at least 16 years old
  • You have a specific interest in volunteering for a community arts/makerspace center
  • You can commit to 4-6 hours/week


  • You have a desire to contribute to your community
  • You have a positive, enthusiastic attitude and are comfortable meeting and interacting with a wide variety of people
  • You are dependable, reliable, and punctual for volunteer assignments
  • You have a willingness to learn what you need to know to do your volunteer assignment
  • You show a willingness to cooperate with other volunteers
  • You are familiar with and have access to a computer for correspondence and scheduling


  • The opportunity to learn more about the many creative and technical areas at the Forge
  • Free Membership
  • Invitations to exclusive volunteer-only tours and events
  • Opportunities to volunteer with others who have similar interests
  • Opportunities to participate in project-based or one-time activities for volunteers
  • Once you become a core volunteer, you’ll hear about additional volunteer opportunities around the space