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Below you’ll find skillshares and other members-only activities offered at The Forge. If you’d like to request a repeat of a past skillshare, or an entirely new one, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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StudioPast Skillshares
WoodshopRouter Templates, Jigs and Fixtures | Resaw and Vacuum Bag Vaneer | Box Joints Four Ways
CeramicsBuilding Solid and Hollowing Out | Understanding and Making Glazes | Clay From Cat Tail Reeds
TextilesMaking a Plushie | Make a Produce Bag
JewelryLaser Cut Designs in Epoxy for Jewelry | All Things Rivets | Tab Setting A Stone | Heirloom Silverware to Jewelry
MetalshopThreading Taps and Dies | Perfect Welds
Just a few of the skillshares offered in the past! If you’d like to see one again, or have a new idea, let us know below!
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