Welcome to The Curious Forge Summer Camp and Kurious Kids XD courses!

Summer always comes up fast and we all want a rich fulfilling experience for our children. We have an amazing array of programs that can suit any pursuits your child wants to explore. Please see our catalog below for more info.

Our Maker XD series for kids is similar to our summer camp series but happens once a week after school, during breaks and on weekends throughout the year. We offer classes for youth, ages 8-17, in the industrial arts as well as technical courses like 3D printing, laser cutting, programming and CAD.

Give your child an amazing creative experience – there’s no place like The Curious Forge.

  • For signing up for summer camps or scheduled classes, go to our website STUDIOS PAGE
  • To know when they are scheduled, get on our mailing list by writing us at spark@thecuriousforge.org. 
  • Not finding it? Fill out the WAITLIST form, and we’ll know what you’re looking for and will get back to you!
  • Want to create a class yourself from our list, with 4 or more you can! Please fill this GROUP EXPERIENCE FORM  out.

We are extremely excited about these courses, we will be offering your child an AWESOME and SAFE time. Please read and/or fill out the following:

  • Youth Scholarship Application

    Through the Forging Nevada County Forward Nonprofit we are able to give a limited number of scholarships throughout the year, please apply HERE.

  • Summer Camp Internship Application

    If you’d like to be considered for interning for one or more of our summer camps, apply HERE