Studio Guide FAQ and How-To’s

Below are answers for some frequently asked questions! Click the section with your question, and review the resource inside.


What are my priorities as a Studio Guide?

Your main priority is to ensure member and community social and creative participation. You are the key to having a thriving and exciting space full with learning and social opportunities.

In order to accomplish this, please work with your co-managers to create ideas, projects, and activities to get members excited and involved. Also be sure to reach out to the Sparkle Twins (Kara and Liam) to discuss ideas and get support in accomplishing your goals.

How do I order supplies?

If you need to order supplies for to order supplies for your area, class or event, please make a list of what you need and let Kara in the office know. If you will be ordering the materials online, please include links and quantities for each item. If you will be picking up the materials locally, you can either be reimbursed for your purchase, or use a Forge Divvy card to purchase which can be picked up from Kara.

Also remember that materials are included in attendance costs, so be sure to calculate how much it’ll cost per student before scheduling the class.

Please keep any and all receipts for purchases, and bring them to the office.

Online Learning System

How do I access an online Qualification course?

How do I navigate the online learning system?

How do I edit an online course page?


How do I update the status of a piece of equipment after fixing a red tagged issue?

Equipment statuses can be updated via a roll-around tv cart. Simply power on the media cart, select the studio in question from the desktop, and fill out the update form.

Do I check equipment reservations?

Equipment reservations are in place for some equipment in the Digital Fab Lab, Jewelry Studio, Machine Shop and Ceramics Studio. To check existing reservations, head to the reservations page, then scroll down to the “Existing Bookings and Rules of Usage” sections. Once there, select the dropdown for the studio in question. Inside you’ll find calendars displaying the existing reservations.

Have another question?

If you have another question not covered above, feel to email [email protected] or call (530) 446-2777 during Forge hours.