Get Qualified and Start Making

Equipment Qualification Classes are the way for us to insure everyone is safe and the equipment continues to operate and last as long as possible. QUALIFICATION IS REQUIRED BEFORE YOU CAN USE AN AREA, your membership gives you access to the whole space, but qualification is required to use any area. Complete one first for the best outcome.

Please note: these are not official or professional certifications, these classes are designed to qualify members to use the equipment in The Curious Forge. These are open to the public. In this way, you can take a qualification class before becoming a member and then hit the ground running once you join! Classes are scheduled thru-out the month!

Every Qualification Class is slightly different, based on the needs of that area. Ceramics, for example, is a 2-hour certification with no videos or quizzes, whereas metal is a 3-week class with a lot of training materials, equipment hands-on, practicum, and quizzes.

Steps to Getting Qualified

  1. Identify the equipment needed for your project, or the area you want to work in.
  2. Select qualification and pay fees, or join the waitlist if the desired qualification isn’t scheduled
  3. Login to the qualifications page and view the prerequisites
  4. Attend hands-on training
  5. Complete the practicum, demonstrate mastery, and/or complete the assessments

Qualification Courses