What does my membership fee cover ?

Rent, lights, insurance, website, equipment acquisition/maintenance/replacement, administration …

It does not cover consumables, firings, propane


There are lots of ways to learn at the Forge:

  • Qualification classes teach you the equipment in each area, as well as how that area works.
  • Area Guides in each studio who are here for 4-6 hours each week at a dedicated time to be a resource for you.
  • Happy Hours – where area guides or even members share a skill or technique. These casual gatherings are a great way to go deeper into your discipline.
  • Mobile Monitor carts – pull up YouTube!
  • Take one of our workshops, you get a discount on most when you’re a member.
  • Attend a Taster – this is where qualified members in an area help un-qualified members explore a new studio. These are free to members although there is sometimes a small materials charge.